Picture of Thanos Cat

This is a picture of Thanos Cat. Thanos is a fictional supervillain from Marvel Comics who has fabulous powers but who is defeated by the Avengers. Or something like that. This strange looking cat has a passing resemblance to Thanos, if you use your imagination. But why is this cat so strange looking? Well, I am not sure. My guess is that this is a male Siamese purebred cat. And the breeder has employed selective breeding to come up with this look which was unintentional (I believe) as this is not a great look for a Siamese cat in my view. It is interesting but the cat is not classic in appearance.

Thanos cat
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Thanos cat

It is the kind of cat which fires up the creative juices of people who like to make wisecrack comments online like ‘My cousin’s cat ate a wasp and I cannot breathe..’. I don’t understand that one except for the wasp bit. It refers I suppose to the slight bulge under the chin on the left hand side facing the cat. The mouth is very tightly shut as if to contain a wasp.

“Looks like one of those scientists who watch the world burn after they warned the government not to do something bad.”

“Looks like an accountant named bill.”

The cat has cross-eyes. This is commonplace for Siamese cats and if you click on this link you can read what I have to say about cross-eyed Siamese cats. It is due to crossed wiring of the optic nerves from the eyes.

Here is a better one:

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Thanos cat

Thanos cat

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