Picture of the New Grumpy Cat – Meow Meow

Taiwan: Meow Meow is staking her claim to be the New Grumpy Cat. Her grumpy appearance comes from the furrowed brow as opposed to the lat Grumpy Cat’s downturned mouth. She is 7-years-of-age apparently. She has the obligatory Instagram account and thousands of followers. She is a very sweet cat despite her appearance. Let’s remind ourselves that these appearances are anatomical anomalies. She is not really frowning or angry. It is a completely misleading facial expression. Her human guardian is Clare. I’ll leave it there as I have to get some sleep…… 😉

Some more…Clare discovered Meow Meow when she was 10-months-of-age at an animal shelter. This appears to mean that she was undiscovered as a celebrity cat for a long time. The angry expression is enhanced by the dark fur on either side of the face under the eyes. Apparently she is a fussy eater. But that’s nothing new.

If you were to ask what sort of cat is she, I would have to say that I detect some flat-faced Persian in her. Her face is slightly squashed. The whisker pad and her nose is very reminiscent of the modern flat-faced Persian. An example of extreme breeding. If I am correct Meow Meow may have been relinquished by a breeder who was dissatisfied with her efforts. She made a mistake, I guess 🙂


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