Picture of the versatile Squishy Cat Lamp (and video)

Squish cat lamp
Squish cat lamp
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This lamp has everything for cat loving families and it costs peanuts (about £12 in the UK and a similar price in UD$ in the USA) on Amazon both in the UK and USA, and I guess other Amazon sites. I don’t get any money for discussing it by the way. It just looks like a good product for cat lovers and for families who are devoted cat guardians.

Some features:

  • It is squishy. You can squeeze it and its shape returns. It looks unbreakable. And safe for kids. The main part of it is detachable and washable.
  • It has three light modes: white light and 7 colour flashing light mode and single colour mode.
  • It is touch sensitive so you tap it to turn it on.
  • It is chargeable and runs off a 15 hour lithium battery or from a USB cable from your computer: micro USB at the light end. I think the cable is supplied. It would be a great companion for a child working on a computer.

Here is a video:

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