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Picture of the World’s Tallest Domestic Cat of 2011 — 4 Comments

    • If you love animals and have the time and commitment you’d do a great job. It takes more time and care to look after a cat like this. I suppose the cat becomes a major part of your life.

  1. Have been so sad a long time for Trouble. Another human failure in the tragic death of a cat.
    So, Magic is the reigning tallest. In history, he wouldn’t be.

    • Agree about the tallest. In history Magic is not the tallest but I don’t know of any other cat who is living and taller than Magic. Yes, the story of Trouble is tragic. The ultimate tragedy. Such a high profile cat. The whole tragedy was as you say made by humans. Humans created Trouble and a lack of adequate care resulted in his death. Damn the humans…. 😉

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