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Picture of the World’s Tallest Domestic Cat of 2011

A second filial (F2) Savannah Cat whose name was “Trouble” was, at November 2011, the Guinness World Records tallest domestic cat at 19 inches to the shoulder. This made him a fraction taller than the famous “Magic“, a female first filial (F1) Savannah cat who is 17.1 inches to the shoulder. Magic is still alive and as far as I am aware still the world’s tallest domestic cat. She lives in California.

Trouble escaped his home at the age of about four years and was tragically killed. I wrote about it on September 13, 2012.

The picture below is therefore of some interest. I bumped into it on my travels across the Internet. You can see that it was taken on a farm where I presume Trouble’s owner lived and probably still lives. His owner/caretaker/guardian was Debbie Maraspini.

Trouble and caretaker

You can see in the photograph how majestic Trouble was. It is nice to see his size in comparison to the size of a human being who I presume is Debbie. The other photographs that I have do not show this comparison so it is difficult to get a feel for the true size of this magnificent domestic cat who was tragically killed at such a young age.

The following two links provide a little bit more information about this cat and were written at the height of his fame. His name was prophetic. High filial Savannah cats can be a handful so in some ways his escape from his home (off his leash) is unsurprising.

  1. World’s Tallest Domestic Cat 2011
  2. How was Trouble killed?
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  • I'd love to learn how to care for exotic or wild animals, especially cats. Domesticated animals are too easy for me.

    • If you love animals and have the time and commitment you'd do a great job. It takes more time and care to look after a cat like this. I suppose the cat becomes a major part of your life.

  • Have been so sad a long time for Trouble. Another human failure in the tragic death of a cat.
    So, Magic is the reigning tallest. In history, he wouldn't be.

    • Agree about the tallest. In history Magic is not the tallest but I don't know of any other cat who is living and taller than Magic. Yes, the story of Trouble is tragic. The ultimate tragedy. Such a high profile cat. The whole tragedy was as you say made by humans. Humans created Trouble and a lack of adequate care resulted in his death. Damn the humans.... ;)

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