Picture of three desirable Bengal kittens

This is a very nice picture of three desirable Bengal kittens. The sort of cats that a lot of people would like to be given as a present for Christmas, which is not so far away, dare I say it. We all know the problems that can start with adopting desirable kittens at Christmas. You gotta factor in the total cost not just the purchase price. This is obvious, I know, but it seems it is sometimes forgotten especially when parents buy for their children. They end up caring for the cat.

Picture of three desirable Bengal kittens
Picture of three desirable Bengal kittens
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There is also the inevitable moral question: should we adopt a rescue cat instead? There are many beautiful cats looking for homes. We know it.

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  1. Bengals are a designer breed that requires the capture and captivity of a wild animal.
    No pet should be given as a gift. Getting a pet of any kind requires serious thought to the care and cost of them through their entire lifetime.
    There are many GOOD breeders of purebred cats if you desire to purchase one. Never buy from a pet store or any breeder who does not want you to see the living conditions of their breeding animals. Purebred contracts should include a lifetime guarantee from genetic defects as well as a lifetime guarantee of being willing to take the animal back if you can no longer care for it and allow the breeder to re-home. There should also be a strict S/N policy included in the contract so anyone wishing to play with animals lives must pay a substantial fee to keep the pet intact and get the pedigree papers.

    Most of us would rather adopt and everyone I have ever known that was involved in ethical breeding had a pile of their own rescues. I don’t judge people on their personal choices.
    While I am against and horrified by the substandard animals that hold championships there are many foundation type breeders that are preserving the breeds of cat that are hundreds of years old. I detest those that breed designer cats and hybrids.


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