Picture of two Aussie firefighters cradling two tabby cats

I am a fan of firefighter-cat pictures! And this is a very nice one. One of the best. The guys are happy to have rescued a couple of tabby cats from a smoke filled apartment in Perth’s Central Business District.

Two Aussie firefighters and two tabby cats
Two Aussie firefighters and two tabby cats. Photo: Nic Ellis / The West Australian. If you click on the picture you’ll see it in a larger format.
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Smoke was seen at the apartment on Milligan Street in morning at about half past eight. Residents left the building and firefighters broke down the front door of the apartment to get in because the resident was unresponsive. He is in hospital and doing okay, apparently.

The fire started when a 20-year-old man made coffee with an electric kettle. We are not told how that resulted in a fire causing $10k of damage.

The best part of the story is the picture of the two Aussie firefighters with two pretty calm rescued cats. The guys are Matt Driver on the left and Lee Draman.

The photographer is Nic Ellis of The Western Australian. Nice job. Well done.


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