Picture of Vietnamese tiger poacher standing over dead tiger is disgusting

Suspected Vietnamese tiger poacher over dead tiger
Suspected Vietnamese tiger poacher over dead tiger
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This picture is shocking quite frankly. It was found on a confiscated mobile phone from a suspected tiger poacher. As you can see the man is standing over a dead tiger. He appears to be punching the tiger with his left fist. The picture was taken in Thailand. There is a smile on the man’s face. It is sickening to see this. It is sickening to see such a proud, beautiful animal brought down to this by a complete idiot of a person.

The Thai authorities are investigating the discovery of organised crime to exploit the demand for tiger body parts. They found wild tiger body parts in a taxi. Organised crime gangs are behind this slaughter.

The police acted on a tipoff from a cab driver. They arrested two men who are suspected of being part of a Vietnam-based crime gang trafficking in animal body parts.

Tiger body parts were found in their luggage along with mobile phones which contained photographs of the tiger.

They say that the gang has been removed but of course the person who instructed the gang and who continues to instruct gangs has not been removed. It will continue, therefore.

Steve Galster, the chairman of Free Land International said that these guys were “professional goons” working for organised crime in Vietnam. Their role is to bring fresh tiger skeletons back to their bosses. They go to Thailand to achieve this. They employ professionals with guns to kill tigers whereupon they smuggle the body parts back to Vietnam.

Nothing is being done on a fundamental level or at any level at all to slow down the demand for tiger body parts in China. The Chinese government suspended a plan to lift the ban on the trade of wild tiger bones. That was a backward step. Tigers are bred at farms in China for their body parts. The existence of these farms undermines tiger conservation.

The wildlife body part business in south-east Asia is worth about $6 billion (US dollars by the way). The remains found in the taxicab had a potential value of US$20,000. America could do something really good here if they wanted to. They’ve been fighting China with tariffs. China retaliated, we know that.

Trump, if he was really concerned with conservation (which he is not) could place some sanctions upon China to force them to change their ways with respect to their self-indulgent, uncivilised and ignorant desire to eat tiger body parts for some mysterious and unsubstantiated benefit. Tiger conservation is failing in general. Will we see the extinction of tigers in the wild over the forthcoming 20 years?

Source: Myself and The Guardian.

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  1. I agree that humans like this are a form of disease to this planet and everything on it. They are a cancer. They aren’t fit or worthy to breathe the air. THEY need to be exterminated rather than the animals they kill.

  2. Humans are killing all things beautiful!! I curse this piece of shit to die a most horrific and painful death possible! Soon every animal will be extinct. Then the humans can hunt their own! Our species makes me fucking sick!


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