Picture of weary old lady and supportive loving cat

This is a cat photograph which caught my attention. Firstly it has a painterly quality which is why I framed it. The light is one directional and quiet.

Old lady and loving cat
Great picture of loving cat companion snuggling up to tired and contemplative old lady. Photo: Pinterest
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It looks like it was taken in Eastern Europe. The old lady looks weary and in a contemplative mood. You get that way when you’re old.

Looking at the cat’s position on her shoulder it is almost as if she/he understands her owner’s thoughts and tiredness and wants to provide comfort.

The lady is almost too tired to care but her cat continues to support her. It has a silent beauty. Above all it shows the consistent and unconditional support a domestic cat can provide to her human companion in the right household. Not all homes are pleasant for domestic cats mainly because not all humans are the right sort of people to be cat guardians. However, in this instance their relation looks very genuine and gentle which is the sort that domestic cats like.


This is one of the more outstanding cat photos the I have seen on my travels on the internet. It is published on Pinterest. Pinterest has totally annihilated the legal concept of copyright. The Pinterest business model is based on breach of copyright. As copyright has been breached I feel free to publish the photograph here.

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