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Picture of white American Curl — Visit the photographer’s photostream who is also the cat’s companion and caretaker. Author on Flickr: 美國捲耳貓.

I don’t think I have seen a more attractive American Curl. In fact, I know I haven’t. She (I think this cat is female but I am not completely sure) is incredibly cute looking; pretty. This is a very pretty cat. I like the very balanced proportions. This is a very elegant and harmonious looking cat. The eyes are copper colored and not blue. White cats often have blue eyes.

The picture is published here with the author’s express, written permission. If you want to use it please go to his/her Flickr profile and ask. It is that easy.

I think this is a very classy purebred American Curl. Probably a show cat. I am guessing because I don’t know anything about this individual cat nor the photographer/owner.

You’ll find random bred curly eared cats in the world. This is how breed started in the USA – a random bred cat was seen in 1981 and breeding was started from that cat. However, I don’t see many random bred Curls on the photo library sites.

The tricky part about the American Curl is the ears! Breeders can’t be sure how much they will curl. Well that might be an exaggeration as a lot of control goes into the process but the ears have to be just perfect pursuant to the breed standard for the cat to be a show cat.

The ears that are show quality have a half crescent curl, called 3rd degree and these are show cats.

If not, the breeder will sell the cat as a “pet quality” cat. I am not sure I like that expression as it indicates second class cats when all cats are equal, or should be!

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