Picture of white cat shot at with paintball gun

This picture of a cat comes from the Reddit.com website, which is always a good source of the unusual. It is a site which gathers up stories of fringe human behaviour, both good and bad and where some clever people make irrelevant wisecrack comments.

Cat paintballed
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Cat paintballed. Photo: Reddit user: ApsoluteUnit_JWP

The cat is a Turkish Van type cat with an all white body and dilute rust colouring on their tail and head.

A Reddit user uploaded the picture with the heading: Some POS used my cat as paintball practice – he’s okay, but sore.

They have a section on ‘Piece of Shit’ (POS) stuff of all kinds. And, yes, the person who did this is a POS. The comments under the picture are 99.9% unrelated to the image! That’s Reddit for you.

It is a very unusual picture as it is the first time I have seen a picture of a cat with paintball impact areas on them. It is a variation on shooting at cats with BB guns, air rifles and .22 rifles. Strange but quite common human behaviour. Let’s put it this way: it is not usual for a cat to be shot at. This is because where people have guns they like to use them (it’s fun) and secondly you can shoot at a cat and get away with it because there is no evidence other than the harmed cat.

Would this be an act of animal cruelty under animal welfare laws in the USA – I believe this took place in the US? Yes it would. The person who did it should be apprehended and charged but as I said, it won’t happen because of a lack of evidence and concern because ‘it is only a cat’.


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