Picture of wise Oriental Shorthair

Wise Oriental Shorthair
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Wise Oriental Shorthair. Photo:? – On Pinterest.

He has the distinct appearance of a wise man in his late fifties or sixties. I am stereotyping and I apoloogise. He has probably taken early retirement having been the managing director or chairman of a medium-sized company. He was educated at Oxford University and studied Classics. You can see that I think he is male. I could be wrong but he has that sort of appearance but I might be projecting my prejudices or emotions on this cat. It is something humans are very inclined to do.

Interestingly, people are attracted to domestic cats who look like old men. It is always old men, not old women. What is going on? Is this a hidden version of sexism? I don’t believe it is. I think this is about cat breeding and the fact that it is easier to make a cat look like an old man because the appearance is very distinct. There is a classic old man look but not a classic old woman look. That’s my impression but that assessment might be sexist too.


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