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Picture of young cat in shelter like being in prison

This photograph has mood. It puts us into the mind of this young cat at a shelter as she looks up and out surrounded by her cage. I’m not criticising animal shelters as, in general, they provide a very valuable service to society and to domestic and stray cats. But perhaps we’ve become too accustomed to them. Cats in small cages. I wonder if we have learned to accept it even though it is an image of our failure in the human-to-cat relationship. Even if we have got used to seeing cats in cages, the cats have not. We really don’t know for sure how rescue cats feel when inside these cages at shelters. Strange place, confined place, strange noises, strange people, stranger cats, strange smells. Unnatural. Uncomfortable.

Picture of cat in shelter like being in prison

The picture caught mye eye. I am sorry that I don’t have the photographer’s name. If you are the photographer please leave a comment.

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