Pictures of 32-year-old cat: as a kitten and now

Rubble - how a cat aged to 32

Rubble – how a cat aged to 32. Picture: Michele Foster. Words added by PoC.

I’d say that these pictures together are unique on the internet. Firstly it is very rare to see two pictures of a cat when they are a kitten and at the end of their life. To that you can add the age of this cat: 32 years. This is one of the oldest domestic cats ever. Creme Puff, the world record holder in history for cat lifespan died in 2005 at the age of 38.

This 32-year-old is Rubble. He lives with Michele Foster in Exeter, Devon. I believe that he is still alive at the date of this post. I also believe that he is the current oldest living domestic cat and almost certainly the oldest of all cats on the planet as wild cats living in the wild typically don’t live beyond about 15 and often live shorter lives.

Rubble has got a bit grumpy in his old age which is understandable and he is on blood pressure medication. But other than that, when he was 30 his owner said that he had plenty of life in him. Michelle adopted him from her sister’s friend when she was 20. He is a random bred cat. A ginger tabby-and-white.


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