Pictures of a Persian cat at the seaside

These are two photos of a ginger Persian cat called Zen. He is a modern, flat-faced Persian with a lion cut which makes his fur fly up as you see in the photograph when the wind is blowing as it normally does by the seaside where he appears to live as the pictures were taken on and near a beach.

The flat-faced Persian

The flat-faced Persian is both controversial and popular but the breed’s popularity has declined over recent years perhaps because of the health problems that are associated with the flat face. You can read about them by clicking on this link.

As mentioned this cat has a lion cut. They say it is a good idea for the Persian living in a hot climate because it is cooler. It is therapeutic but normally it is done under anesthetic which is a bad idea because anesthetics are dangerous. Perhaps they sedate instead which would be safer.

Zen is an awesome cat. Extraordinarily his owner describes him as a rescue cat. Wow. Who gave him away or abandoned him? Perhaps the former owner died. There are two more living in the same home: Leo (orange) and Minki (white). They, too, are rescue cats. I have a feeling that they were previously owned by a Persian cat breeder who either died as mentioned or could no longer cope.


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