Pictures of a recently adopted chonky, beat up street cat

Like a lot of people, I love to see pictures of beat up street cats, with an expression which tells us they are mentally bruised, at last enjoying the emotional and physical warmth of a new, forever home after being adopted by kindhearted people. There’s nothing better. They need love in their lives and they are geting it. The harshness of their lives fades away and the gentleness of tender loving care washes away the scars of their past life.

Picture of an adopted chonky street cat
Picture of an adopted chonky street cat. Photo: (Posted byu/Queen_of_the_Rats)
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He landed on his feet. Look at the home where he finds himself:

Picture of a chonky street cat recently adopted whose landed on his feet
Picture of a chonky street cat recently adopted whose landed on his feet. Photo: – byu/Queen_of_the_Rats.

Of course, this is how all cat adoptions should be. This is how all rescue cats should end up; in a loving home and this home looks particularly nice; by the sea. This cat has lost his ear flaps, either partly or wholly. This is not uncommon for street cats because, if their fur is white as is the case for this boy, frostbite or sunburn can damage the ears as they are particularly vulnerable. Sunburn can cause cancer requiring amputation and frostbite can also require amputation of the ear flap. They are vulnerable because their ears have a very thin layer of fur to protect them. Also, street cats can get into fights and their ears can be badly damaged. Bless him and may be live contendly for the remainder of his life.

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  1. I like to see street cats being adopted to good homes, as they often have mental and physical scars from their lives on the street that mean it is difficult to find people willing to look beyond these surface blemishes to given them a chance. I don’t know the term “chonky”. Is it a Briticism? A translation would be appreciated.

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