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Harley – Bengalcattery von Satara

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Pictures of Bengal Cats can be spectacular because in the right setting and with good timing from the photographer a photograph of a Bengal cat can hint at the wild Asian Leopard in him.


That’s what you get in the photograph above for example. Breeders like the “wild look” of the Bengal combined with, amongst other attributes, a great coat and temperament.

The pictures on this page are very good amateur photographs. You can see some more great amateur photos of a Bengal cat at sea pretending she is a sailor and looking like one! Click on the link to see some very large format pictures of Bengal cats (champion show cats) by Helmi Flick the best professional photographer: Champion individual Bengal cats.

Here we have some great informal photographs by Dania and Martin Burtscher of Bengalcattery von Satara. The cattery is in Feldkirch, Austria just a several kilometers from Lake Constance, which is a large lake on the Rhine and between Swtizerland, Austria and Germany.

The girl cat in the grass in Desi (short for “Je suis desolé” meaning “I’m sorry” in French). Desi is sorry for being so pretty.

Whippet Zarina with her little friend Je Suis Desolé

It’s a great name and she is very pretty. Desi is 4 months old in these photographs. She has a very wild looking head and an athletic body and many other attributes of a fine quality Bengal cat (as a breeder would say, she is “typey” meaning being of the correct standard or type). Her parents are Paisley and Shoshony.

There are also photos of Harley and Zarina, a lovely whippet who likes Desi, all of Bengalcattery von Satara and courtesy Dania and Martin Burtscher.

I particularly like photographs of Bengal cats in natural backgrounds and settings as in enhances there strengths, which are their wild look and athletic appearance like the Asian Leopard Cat.

I also very much like the photograph of Zarina the whippet, with Desi. This really is a charming photograph and shows what a warm and friendly environment Dania and Martin’s cat and dogs live in.

Sweet Desi posing for the camera in seems

It shows too, I think, that the composure and calm (or the opposite – aggression) depends so much on the “humans” with whom the cats live. Cats and dogs get on well if they both have pleasant characters and live in a relaxed and comforting environment.

Cats and dogs pick up on stress between humans as well. There are other factors that make for a less stressful environment such as a lack of noise and predicability. Cats and children like predictability and cats remain as kittens when domesticated as humans look after them as mother and father “cats”.

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