Pictures of cats are about timing!

The great French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson coined the phrase ‘the decisive moment’. It applies to the photography of people as they move and interact, usually on the street. It also applies to cats! This is an example. Whether it is people or cats, the moment when it comes together is normally fleeting. You have to be alert and very observant. This photographic capture was well observed. The black cat is just behind the tabby. It is as simple as that. The photographer has got their attention. Maybe they used a cat tease or made a noise. Anything to get them to look up.

Cat pictures are about timing
Cat pictures are about timing. Photo: Pinterest (cleaned up).
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Some cats don’t like cameras. It is strange. It is very much like the attitude of many people who don’t like being photographed. The reasons will be different. For people it is an invasion of their privacy. I’m unsure why my cat dislikes to be photographed. He turns away and vocalises his discontentment; very like humans. It is as if he believes I am stealing his soul.


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