Pictures of cats: cinnamon British Shorthair

I should publish some pictures of cats from time to time because that is the name of the website. The reason why it is the name is because when the site was started “pictures of cats” was the top keyword in the world of cats. It propelled this website to the great top of the cat world and it is still there. I call it PoC now because the content is far more diverse nowadays and has been for a decade.

Cinnamon British shorthair
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Cinnamon British Shorthair. Photo: Pinterest.

Cinnamon colour

Cinnamon colour. Image: PoC.

Today I’m featuring an extraordinary looking cat. Just a fantastically standout domestic cat which I believe is a cinnamon British Shorthair. I believe the cat has to be a British Shorthair because no other breed looks like this. And the colour is cinnamon. It might also be called red to a certain extent or rust coloured.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) does not list cinnamon as one of the authorised colours under their breed standard although they do allow red which they describe as “deep, brilliant red, level colour, sound to the roots, no white anywhere”. I don’t think that you are going to see a brilliant red cat anywhere but that’s how it is described. This cat is not brilliant red.

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The International Cat Association (TICA) allows all colours therefore I’m going to suggest that this wonderful cat is registered with The International Cat Association and that he or she was bred somewhere outside of America. No doubt somebody will tell me I’m wrong but that is my initial assessment.

The body confirmation totally fits the TICA breed standard in that the torso should be “semi-cobby, wide, sturdy muscular, firm, powerful, well-rounded, chest and considerable depth of flank”.”Cobby” is a cat fancy word meaning stocky and non-cat fancy language. This cat is certainly that. The breed standard grammar is crappy by the way but that’s irrelevant.

One last point, the eye colour of this cat is amazing as it matches the coat colour which also is exactly in line with the breed standard which states, “Colour conforms to coat colour with exception of silver division were copper is accepted as well as green”.

Note: I feel obliged to add one extra comment about this cat. The image, to me, seems to be fabricated because the whiskers are broken in several places. It’s as if somebody has pieced them together in photoshop. I don’t see why a person should photo edit this image together but if you look at the whiskers carefully you will see that they do not form a straight line. I can’t see any other explanation so this other than the one mentioned above.

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