Pictures of cats: cutest Scottish Fold kitten

She looks like a brown tabby-and-white. Super cute owl-like face. Ears flat to the head. Big ‘M’ tabby mark on the forehead signifying tabby. Big round baby eyes set in a round head. Pink nose leather. Expression of bewilderment. She’ll be snapped up by a celebrity.

Cute Scottish Fold kitten
Cute Scottish Fold kitten. Photo in public domain.
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Scottish Fold and Scottish Fold Straight siblings

Why does the Scottish Fold Straight exist?

The Scottish Fold Straight should not exist. It only exists as a by-product of the need to avoid creating horribly ...
Scottish Fold and boy

Charming picture of a boy holding a lilac point Scottish Fold kitten

This is a really nice photograph of a boy and his lilac point Scottish Fold kitten. Pictures of cats can ...
A cat with a hat rather than ears and odd eyes

Cat with a hat rather than ears and odd-eye colour

This is a purebred cat that looks as if they are wearing a hat and that they do not have ...
Owl-faced longhaired Scottish Fold kitten is a beauty

Owl-faced long-haired Scottish Fold kitten is a beauty

This owl-faced long-haired Scottish Fold kitten is a beauty. The face is very attractive. I believe that the coat is ...
Big chunky male Scottish Fold made in Russia

Big chunky Scottish Fold from Russia

This is an amazing, big, chunky Scottish Fold from Russia. The Russian breeders do some amazing things with cats. I ...
Olivia Benson, the feline partner (with others) of Taylor Swift

Sweet Scottish Fold is increasingly popular but caveat emptor

Recently, the Scottish Fold has become more popular because of an increased interest in this sweet looking cat, particularly from ...
Japanese robotic cat manga

Japanese like Scottish Fold cats and keep them inside

There appear to be two outstanding aspects of cat ownership in Japan; they overwhelmingly like the Scottish Fold cat breed ...
Scottish Fold

Why are Scottish Folds in pain?

The question in the title presupposes that all Scottish Fold cats suffer from chronic pain but my research indicates that ...
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