Pictures of cats: Hairless cat cuddles up to haired cat for warmth and companionship

This is a picture and video of a hairless cat, a Sphynx, cuddling up to a cat with hair and the reason is first and foremost for the companionship – and for a bit of warmth too, I expect. It is a beautiful little video. Quite sad, I find because I feel the hairless strongly needs the companionship. I have not seen one quite like it. It’s very tender and there is a lot of emotion on display. The companionship is very strong. It does concern me that hairless cats feel the cold which is why they have to be kept inside and protected from the harsh rays of the sun which might burn their skin.

The Sphynx are very interesting cats to look at but if we are honest we have to think what it’s like for a cat to be without their coat. Nature gave them a beautiful fur coat which protects them and keeps them warm. Without it they miss quite a large item of their anatomy and it affects them. In all fairness, people should consider this when they want to adopt a Sphynx cat. There are other issues associated with being hairless such as a greasy skin that needs regular cleaning. There are some links to latest articles about this quite popular breed below the photograph which you might find interesting.

Hairless cat cuddles up to haired cat for companship and warmth
Hairless cat cuddles up to haired cat for companship and warmth. This is a screenshot which is why the image quality is poor. I apologise for that. I does convey the tenderness though.
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