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White Persian cat Bogie
Bogie – Contemporary Persian Cat
Photo ©copyright Helmi Flick

This is the Pictures of Cats org advertising information page – where people can learn about advertising on my site.


As at mid May 2009 (PoC) is about 21 months old. It’s purpose is:

  1. To give me purpose.
  2. To make money to give to selected cat welfare organisations.
  3. To provide educational source material.
  4. To celebrate the cat both wild and domestic.
  5. Not to regurgitate “facts” but to try and enlighten, provoke and change where appropriate.

At the site’s core are the photographs of Helmi Flick. The site wouldn’t be what it is without her massive contribution. I thank the Flicks for their contributions. My ambition is to build until the site is the best cat site in the world. It is approaching that (May 2009).

Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics. Google Ad Planner says, “ has low Google Analytics tag coverage”. This means that less than 90% of the pages have the Google Analytics urchin code embedded. This is due to the fact that I use a visitor submission form on the site that does not accept scripts and the urchin is a script. There are a fairly large number of pages created using this form. I use it myself as well for various reasons. Current Alexa day on day figures for traffic (at May 2009) are an Alexa ranking of about 80-90,000. The general trend is upwards as traffic builds and this has been the case for the entire time of building the site. May it continue that way.

The hosting company, SBI tell me that traffic is at about 7,000 uniques per day at May 2009. I have a subdomain getting about 2,400 uniques per day as well. Another subdomain, TEH KITTEH ANTIDOTE/ANECDOTE has a PR 4. PoC has PR 3. I hope for better in the future.

Pictures of Cats org Advertising

As mentioned, the purpose of the site is to make money for cat welfare. I do not ask for donations. It is not yet a registered charity. It might become one. It does qualify as a charity in the UK, at this time (May 2009), based on income.

I am seeking a partnership with a business in the companion cat, companion animal world who would like to advertise throughout the site and make it synonymous with their products. The site is not a one dimensional site. It does not just say the nice and always acceptable things. That is a factor in the kind of advertiser that would find the site suitable.

In conclusion the Pictures of Cats org advertising policy is one of expansion to generate greater income to be able to assist further the vulnerable, lost and needy cats of this world. Thanks for visiting this page. If you have a query please email me on mjbmeister [at] gmail [dot] com.

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