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This is the page where you can see the records of the donations made to cats’ charities and animal charities from the money raised from this website through advertising.

This site has been built to make money for the welfare of cats and to keep me occupied! I keep some money back for major expenditures that are foreseeable in the future for site development.

The video above is of Michelle raising money for cats!

I am particularly tender to cats in the poorer countries and the smaller charities. I favor smaller charities as I feel that more control can be excercised over the use of the money donated.

That said some of the bigger charities may be more efficient. It is a difficult decision. It is probable that some smaller charities are more in need of funding and that some large charities are very rich. I prefer the struggling charities provided that they are honest (which is difficult to assess).

However, I will give to any charity that makes the lives of cats and animals better.

Update: Picture-of-cats org made $444 in AdSense revenue in August 2008. This was paid out in September and October (it was a mistake to pay it in Sept as Google pays one month in arrears). $637 was made in September 2008. This has been paid out and in October the website made $735.16 in Adsense revenue (see below).

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Below is a table of Pictures of cats org donations so far. This is only the beginning. The table will be upated and added to as the months go by.

Pictures of cats org donations – Update 11-9-08 13:45: telephoned Inland Revenue and despite my protestations the person said that I do not need to declare the income from this website under these circumstances (i.e. no profit as giving all the money away and therefore no personal benefit).

Pictures of cats org donations – Update 1-2-09: I have not made a donation for 2 months for a number of reasons. First to cover expenses for 18 months of website building. Expenses mean just that. It does not cover hours worked. Expenses are: cost of web hosting, books and ancillary costs (est: $1000). This does not include the cost of flying to Texas to meet with the Flicks. I intend to retart donations this month; please watch this space. I am looking at alternative methods. One factor is the exchange rates. This encourages me to donate in the UK. Monies earned during Nov., Dec 2008 = about $1300. Jan 2009 earnings = $700.

Pictures of cats org donations – Update – 8-2-09: Restarted to support cat rescue, see below. Q

Note: in the early years of the site I gave away thousands of dollars. It happens less these days for various reasons. I am proud that PoC has donated to cat charities and helped cats in need domestic, feral and wild.

Organisation (link to details on this page)Amount Donated ($=USD, £=GBP, €= Euros)Date
Texas Maine Coon Rescue$20 monthly as at 8-9-09 it is $25 monthlystart 8-4-08
Kitty Appeal$808-4-08
Baghdad Cat Rescue$601-5-08
Baghdad Cat Rescue£30 (GBP)3-6-08
Soidog – this donation stopped 10-8-10.€60 monthly sponsorshipstart 3-6-08
Celia Hammond Animal Trust£32 (GBP)5-7-08
Kitty Appeal$601-8-08
Celia Hammond Animal Trust£30 (GBP)2-8-08
Texas Maine Coon Rescue$1602-9-08
Texas Maine Coon Rescue$32015-10-08
Texas Maine Coon Rescue$39226-11-08
Celia Hammond Animal Trust£90 (GBP)12-11-08
Texas Maine Coon Rescue$30017-2-09
Celia Hammond Animal Trust£200 (GBP)08-2-09
Timmy a stray cat£90 (GBP) vet bill19-2-09
Forfurasfelinas (Giane Portal)$30015-3-09
Texas Maine Coon Rescue$20030-4-09
Giane Portal (for rescue)$20030-4-09
Giane Portal (for rescue)$25023-5-09
Wild About Cats (Andean Cat)$5026-5-09
Wildlife Conservation Network, Inc. (for wildcats)$5030-5-09
Adopt a Tiger – Born Free (see below)£24 (GBP)4-6-09
Scottish Wildcat Association£100 (GBP)8-6-09
Savannah Cat Rescue (USA)$10018-6-09
Sponsored Hal a cougar at Big Cat Recue (see below)$100 yearlystart 28-6-09
The Snow Leopard Trust$25011-7-09
Unchain Cumberland County – they also help cats in need$30029-7-09
Motzie Fund” to help this fine Savannah cat£200 (GBP)18-8-09
Feline Conservation Federation$100 2 year membershipstart 9-09
Egyptian Mau Rescue Organisation. PoC has sponsored “Charlie”$15 USD monthlystart 7-9-09
Kitty Appeal – aid to Maltese stray cats$40030-9-09
Texas Maine Coon Rescue – this is in memory of my mother and donated by Liz Smith$802-10-09
Snow Leopard Trust (order no. 6273)$25028-11-09
Kayshill Sanctuary (Paypal payment: 8888793841028974P) ( – this donation is made in recognition of Ruth’s contributions to this site. Ruth nominated this charity.£200 (GBP)11-12-09
Wildlife Trust of India – payment made under the PoC Fair Deal scheme (see Tale of Two Tigers by Samir K Sinha, who nominated this conservation organisation$10022-12-09
To Individual Feral Cat Rescue Services – Joyce Sammons over many years (PayPal payment)$3008-1-10
Paw Project (Paypal 5NX20419616315245)$1001-2-10
Jan Plant, Texas, USA. For long standing services to feral cat welfare (PayPal payment 6L156425VC3040253)$300final payment made 14-3-10
Timmy a stray cat (another abscess)£78 (GBP)10-3-10
To Judith Hartman, Judy Hartman of N. Miami, Florida, USA for vet’s bill in relation to Inky Dink. Sent by Paypal, Transaction ID: 455718578C8204519$3008-5-10
Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary – PayPal Transaction ID: 9WG98428FL904110E$20028-7-10
Snow Leopard Trust – test payment – this is in preparation for a standing order.$1010-8-10
Caboodle Ranch, Inc. A cat sanctuary in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl, USA$10019-8-10
Snow Leopard Trust$10029-8-10
Sylvia Mitchell who helps cats in the north of England. She is one of us – people who care. Update: it transpired that she was a con woman!£100 (GBP)24-9-10
Kitty Appeal by PayPal – see a video about Martha’s work.$858-10-10
The Cat Network Inc. by Paypal: no: 7DV182136J0923739$5013-10-10
Kitty Appeal (cat rescue in Malta)$2408-11-10
Robert Tucker (individual effort to help feral cats – PoC Awards.$10025-1-11
Texas Maine Coon Rescue$5019-9-11
Smithsonian Institute – tracking no: 3250-1261-1-217498-221624$5016-11-11
Smithsonian Institute – tracking no:3250-1257-1-217501-221641$3516-11-11
Smithsonian Institute – tracking 3250-1261-1-218021-222099$3522-11-11
Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary
– this is not a gift from PoC but from Barbara who won a writing competition on PoC. PoC donated the prize to her.
£200 (GBP)Dec 2011
Adopt a Big Cat£20 (GBP)25-12-11
Wild About Cats – Pallas’s cat project
29F64556HB237864B – PayPal
$25 (USD)6-1-12
Kitty Appeal – $20 from PoC and $20 from Ruth who contributed an article to PoC and donated his PoC earnings. PayPal: 8GD63752EV997553U.$406-1-12
Daddy Blanco & Babies (Chipin)$201-1-12


October 31st 2012 – donation of $25 by PayPal (Confirmation number: 32M9410166723435A) to Stray Cat Alliance for rehoming of community cats at a demolished LINCOLN PLACE.

January 5th 2013 – donation of £30 to Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary, UK.

July 5th 2013 – donation of $1000 in total to five charities. Two in USA, Two in UK and one in India. You can read more on this page. This was all due really to Marc who gave almost all of the $1000 in memory of his loved cat Red.

Please note that every month there is a donation under the 5cents per comment scheme. You can read about it on this page.

$200 donated to Tina for x-rays of Millie’s paws. Read more

The Wild Cats need help too – lots more to come here from Pictures of Cats org donations:

big cat rescue sponsorship program 1
Big Cat Rescue Adoption Programme
Hal rescued puma big cat rescue sponsorship program
Big Cat Rescue Certficate of AdoptionAbove is a picture of HAL who came to Big Cat Rescue on Sept. 20 1993. That means he is pretty old for a Puma as at the date of this sponsorship – June 2009  (at least 16 years old). Pumas can live to 20 in captivity. He is mischievous, likes water (plays with the water hose) and is in love with his neighbour, Tobi, who does not reciprocate! We have all experienced that…
Born Free Adoption Certificate and sponsorship 1
ROQUE above –  This is Pictures of Cats org donations adoption of Born Free Foundation’s tiger named Roque. He is cared for in Bannerghatta, India at the Born Free Sanctuary there.
Born Free Adoption Certificate and sponsorship
Roque adoption cert. Roque was rescued from a pet shop in Spain when he was a cub.

When Pictures of Cats org donations started donating, three very different charites were chosen. Here is a bit about each and why I am giving to them. Update 3-8-08: I am now giving on to Celia Hammond Animal Trust (CHAT) and other charities

SoiDog  – link to Soidog

soi dog certificate
Soi Dog certificate – see below:

Pictures of cats org donations is sponsoring a temple.

“Thank you so much for starting the subscription to sponsor all the cats at a temple every month, Your temple is Wat Kuku Prompang or Kuku 2 as we call it.  I have attached your sponsorship certificate in recognition of this.” This charity as the name implies tends to the welfare of dogs. But they also look after cats. So all you cat lovers don’t worry. Mind you if you like cats you would normally like all animals.

They are located in Phuket, Thailand. They sterilize Phuket’s dogs and cats. They also treat dogs and cats that are suffering and they feed those that are hungry. You couldn’t do more. They are just moving to a different premises, which I believe has been forced on them. This is expensive so they are in particular need of funding at present (April 2008).

They have sterilized almost 18,000 dogs and cats since Oct. 2003. I have an image link to their website on the home page. They clearly justify Pictures of cats org donations.

Texas Maine Coon Rescue

Pictures of cats org donations includes this charity as it is a charity chosen by Helmi Flick, probably the best cat photographer in the world and a generous contributor to this website. I want to give something back to Helmi. So giving to a cat rescue center chosen by her is one of the best ways. Also I love Maine Coon cats. They are justly one of the most popular cat breeds. This rescue center more than justifies Pictures of cats org donations.

Texas Maine Coon Rescue is located in Joshua, TX 76058 about 20 miles South West of Dallas. One of the two people who run Texas Maine Coon Rescue is Christie Montgomery. I was pleased to meet her at Ken and Helmi’s home on November 2008 during thanksgiving and had the pleasure of presenting a cheque to the center for $392. I am happy to say that this, plus the monthly standing order of $20, went towards a vets bill for one of the rescue cats. Here’s a picture of me and Christie:

Texas Maine Coon Rescue check presenation
Michael handing check to Christie

You can read more on this here: Donations to Texas Maine Coon Rescue.

Rescue Kittens Texas Maine Coon Rescue
Picture sent to me by Christie
Rescued Kittens

Kitty Appeal

This charity is located in Malta a country I lived in for 2 years when I was a lot younger. They are concerned with the welfare of the countless stray cats of Malta. They provide all the usual needs of stray cats, food, neutering, spaying and medical treatment. The aim is to also keep the feral cat population under control. This is a pressing need in many countries throughout the world and as we caused the problem we have an obligation to fix it. This charity is run by Martha Kane.

The list of charities will change. Some may be added and some deleted, I don’t know. Please return to find out.

Updated June 2009: I have not donated much to this charity and in fact stopped because communications broke down, regrettably. I would hope to restart as Martha does great work.

Update Sept 30 2009: We are in communication and a donation was made today by Paypal (see above). Read more about Martha’s excellent work.

Celia Hammond Animal Trust

This a fine charity working in London, where I live. It was founded by Celia Hammond a famous model in her younger days at the time of Twiggy. Adsense is paid from the USA. When the pound is weak I favor making payments to UK charities generally as this is a more efficient use of the revenue generated. Here is their website: Celia Hammond Animal Trust.

Forfurasfelinas: Giane Portal is a very well known and talented Flickr photographer and cat rescuer living in Brazil.

Animal Welfare Grants
This link takes you to a list of foundations and trusts that provide grants to organizations and, in one case, individuals who are involved in animal welfare.

Pictures of Cats org Donations to Home Page

Please search using the search box at the top of the site. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

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13 thoughts on “Pictures of Cats org Donations”

  1. Michael, it seems I’ve been remiss: how do I send a few dollars to PoC for my comments? [I have a credit/debit card from the U.S., but no PayPal.]

  2. solarpumpe für brunnen

    I always spent my half an hour to read this blog’s posts everyday along with a mug of coffee.

  3. Hello Michael, It is wonderful that you have found a way to help cats and even cats around the world. Yes, there are con people out there, I am thinking of the sad situation in Galvaston, Texas involving Whiskerville. It is hard to know who is on the up and up.

  4. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Animal charities need us more than ever at present when there are so many people struggling too, our local rescue shelters are over flowing because of people dumping their pets!
    But for anyone who has no money to donate, animal charities are always thankful for old bedding, towels, duvets, anything to keep the amimals warm and even a couple of tins of food or a box of biscuits makes a difference.
    Our 2 local rescues have over 100 cats in care between them and ferals to feed too, times are desperate.
    Anyone who can help their own local rescues in any way at all with food or bedding or anything they can sell will be much appreciated by them. For example a lady has given us 3 hamster cages for Kays Hill, the sale of those will buy some cat food.
    It’s usually the people who don’t have much themselves who try to help. We don’t need lots of money either Michael, just enough to keep a roof over our heads and survive so we like to help others and animals survive too.

  5. Hi Michael,

    I admire for consistently donating money to a wide variety of quality cat charities over time.

    I thank you for that.

    I also donate to a few animal charities – all of which either exclusively help cats or which help both cats and other animals. I also like to donate to environmental charities.

    Keep up the important work,

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

  6. Just an FYI. Your $100 donation contributed to the $237,000 that Caboodle Ranch took in that year. Of that incredibly large sum of money, only $18,000 went to vet care for approximately 700 cats. This is equal to $25.00 per cat.

    1. Hi Emma. Thanks for that. When I made that contribution I was one of the uninformed! It was early on in the Caboodle Ranch story when they were receiving a lot good publicity.

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