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Update 2012: This Cafe Press Store is closed! Sorry. My thanks to Giane Portal.

This is the page where you can go to the Pictures of Cats org fofurasfelinas store. Any profit from sales from the store goes to cat welfare, mainly cat rescue.

PoC store

The store is run jointly with the well known Flickr photographer fofurasfelinas who rescues cats herself. She is probably the best amateur cat photographer on Flickr. And I delighted to team up with her. I am one of many admirers of her photography.

If you would like us to produce a one off product that is not featured in the shop please contact me. You can go to Cafe Press and look around at the products available and get back to me. The item produced would be totally unique if you also specified some words e.g. the name of the recipient of a gift.

PoC work journal note bookThese are just examples of what we have in this store.

Please click on the items to go to them at the store.

Please click here: PoC-fofurasfelinas store to go to the store generally to browse.

We are expanding the store and would love you to have a look and perhaps buy. It would mean a lot to us and most of all to the lost and vulnerable cats.

PoC shop mugPoC Mug


This is the kind of product that you will see in the Pictures of Cats org fofurasfelinas store, which is being expanded. This site is a cat charity. I never ask for money for cat rescue. The method is to make money and give it away. I would ask this, though. If you are thinking of buying a cat gift you might take a look at this store. The products are special because they are made to order. This means that your purchase will be rare. This is a nice idea for a gift. A special gift for the special person in your life underpinned by the knowledge that profits help to fund cat welfare projects. If, as mentioned above, the item is made to order it will be unique.

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Please search using the search box at the top of the site. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

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