Pictures of cats: Slender Serval and Rotund Ragdoll

Here we have two contrasting photographs. The first one is of a slender serval in my opinion. I believe this cat must be a tamed and domesticated young serval which is a very slender, long-legged medium-sized wild cat species which you may know about. When they are young like this they can look very similar to the F1 Savannah cat which has a serval father and is a wildcat hybrid. Being young they are also even more slender than normal.

Young domesticated serval
Young domesticated serval looking incredibly slender and elegant. The large ears are unique t o this wild cat species. Photo: Cats of Instagram.
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The ears in my opinion give this cat away. They are enormous and the serval has enormous ears because they spend a lot of their time listening for rodents in long grass. They locate the prey animal through their hearing and then leap upon the location where the animal is hiding without even seeing it. That’s why you see servals leaping into the air in long grasses with no prey animal in sight.

Rotund Ragdoll cat
Rotund Ragdoll cat. Photo: Cats of Instagram.

The other picture is what I have described as a rotund Ragdoll. The rotundness may be misleading. I’m not insinuating that this cat is overweight although she might be. I’m just saying that she looks rotund! This may partly be due to the long hair which is fluffed up. She looks adorable, of course.

I wanted to juxtapose one against the other to highlight how enormously different the cat species can be, as can dog species, incidentally. The domestic cat is a species of cat and all domestic cats are a single species. The serval is also a species of cat. Both animals are in the same family of cats labelled Felidae taxonomically.

P.S. Personally I don’t agree with servals as pets. It does not work most of the time. This serval might not be a pet though. It might be a temporary arrangement. Some serval owners declaw their cat. Horrible and immoral. Although I was scratched by a serval once and it hurts! The character of these two cats will also be at opposite ends of the spectrum as is their apperance. Servals: quick and alert. Ragdolls: sleepy and laid back (maybe).

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