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Pictures of Cats with a Message — 8 Comments

  1. Dead pets are not ground up into dog food, you fucking retard. No one in the first world eats dog or cat meat either except fringe freaks. It is actually totally fucking abnormal outside of chink countries.

    • Sorry but I think you are wrong. Cats euthanised at rescue centers in the USA and almost certainly elsewhere are used as sources of pet food ingredients sometimes. I don’t know how prevalent it is but it does exist.

  2. I really don’t like the cat art, especially the first one where the cat has his bib on waiting for the farm animals to be slaughtered so he can eat.
    A reality, yes, but it’s not something that I appreciate visualizing.

    • I agree it is a bit harsh. But when it comes to politicians being portrayed as they are it looks fine. I think we need to be realists. That said I have always said there is a difference between domestic household animal companions and farm animals.

      • What would the differences be except that most people don’t have farm animals inside their home?

        Cows, pigs, sheep, horses, donkeys can be very affectionate and really aren’t “dumb” as presumed.

        I believe that they have more purpose than what humans use them for. If they were given the same affection, care, stimulation, and respect as any cat or dog, the results may be surprising.

        I’m sure that I could live with a pig. In fact, I’ve lived with some human ones that were more disgusting than any mud rolling sow I ever saw.

        I wish, so much, that I could develop a cat food as nutritionally sound and appealing as meat is.

  3. The top picture is very powerful, that should be shared on facebook to get the message home that all animals are precious, not just some (though of course as we all know cats are the best). The second one makes me laugh.

  4. Any art, be it satirical art as in this case is always interpreted from the mind of the viewer.Any portrait can have various meanings depending upon interpretation by different people viewing the same art.What does the smile on the “MONA LISA” in the Louvre convey ?Excellent Cat art work and as usual its always a “Cat & Mouse World” .

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