Pictures of Cats

Pictures of cats are on this page! Surprised? This is a repository of nice photos of cats.

White cat red background

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By MAR in Japan – copyright protected

Cat and Coke machine
by MAR – copyright protected image

Cat against a yellow wall
by MAR – copyright protected image

This page also contains links to pictures of cats other than the cat breeds. Three
Famous Flickr Fotographers are featured. Scroll down to see 33 pictures of cats and the links. The work of tanakawho is published under creative commons, while MAR and fofurasfelinas have given permission – they are copyright protected images.

Stray Cat Picture
This page features the work of a specialist feral cat photographer MAR living and working in Japan. He is talented and well known and he kindly allowed me to build a page around his work. I present a few examples and links to more.

Pictures of Dogs and Cats
What is says on the tin – nice to see as it confirms that interspecies relationships can work beautifully.

LOL Cats
Is this well known genre if Internet fun had its day or will it morph into something different and better. I cover the subject in some detail on this page.

Three Legged Cat Picture
I think this is the best three legged cat picture. No doubt you won’t agree! Anyway, the cat is Charlie and I am his companion and caretaker.

Black Cats Pictures
A good number of people who search for pictures of cats also like to search for pictures of black cats despite the black cat being perhaps the least most popular cat coat color.

Funny Cat Videos
Yes, I had to do this. This is a page that was built what seems now like a long time ago! It features a YouTube player, which runs on a continuous loop showing all the best funny at vids. Although I selected the video makers YouTube selects the videos.

More Funny Cat Videos
Yup I did some more. This is also a large video player showing tons of cat videos. Some of these are not actually funny! Sorry. But they are still good.

Funny and Cute Kittens
A slide show with music of funny and cute kittens. That’s it. It’s nice though.

Cats in Paintings
Throughout the centuries cats have been a favorite subject for artists. They are, after, all very good subjects and have been included in well known paintings. This is a growing page.

Flickr Group
Yup, I started a Flickr Group. It is called cat-photo-technique. It has its own page on this website and of course on the Flicker website.

Cat Images
This link leads to a range of cheezeburger type pictures of cats and a whole range of other pictures from drawings to ancient art. Please explore. Free Tiger Clipart
A lots is not free. Some is recycled. And most is a little tired and old. I hope the suggestions on this page are useful.

Lion Clipart
Some is free clipart and some is relatively expensive. My conclusions are set out on the page.

Free Cat Clipart
A lot is not actually free. Here is a selection of links to pages that I think is the best but many are a little tired if I was honest. One stands out.

Tiger Wallpaper
Six fine images carefully positioned to make them highly suitable for tiger wallpaper plus instructions as to how to install them.

Cat Wallpapers
Some more wallpaper. Why not? These are a selection of cat pictures from Flickr photographers who have allowed their photos to be used in this way.

Pictures of Kittens Cats
I built this page very early on, what seems like a long time ago. It is fine pictures of cats from the Deviant Art website. I still like these pictures of cats.

Pictures of Dogs with Cats
It is what is says on the tin. Cats often get on well with cats.

How to Draw A Cat with A Camera Obscura!
Yes, I have gone back to Vermeer and devised a modern day equivalent for the fun of it and as an alternative to the conventional route.

Big Cat Limited Editions
Two talented artists are recommended

Lots more pictures of cats – these are boring! They are here to boost the website from an SEO standpoint, no more. These are small photos of so called funny cats.

Yet more pictures of cats
Yes, sorry. I feel a bit embarassed but needs must.

Pictures of Fat Cats
I don’t like them but people do search for them.

Picture of a cat in a treePicture of a calico cat with blossom
Picture of a cat looking up at cameraPicture of a cat stretching
Picture of a cat rollling belly upFeet of a feral cat
Two feral cats one calico the other red solid and whiteFeral cat in tree
The above pictures of cats are by a talented photographer, Flickr name: tanakawho. They are published under a creative commons license.
Cat inside on a clothes lineCat climbing a blind
Cats at a windowCalico cat
Little kitten sleeping
Two cats against a red background
Little kitten on white sheets
KittenTabby cat on bed
Grey tabby catBlack cat with one eye shut
Red tabby catCat on cat climber
The above pictures of cats are by Giane Portal, Flickr name: fofurasfelinas who is probably the best known Flickr cat photographer. She rescues cats as well and lives in Brazil. Here pictures are copyright protected.
Cat and piping
Black and white cat againt yellow background
Tabby and white feral catWhite feral cat
Above pictures of cats are by MAR in Japan. They are of feral cats. The images are copyright protected.

Red tabby cat and blue sky
by MAR – copyright protected image

Red tabby cat in warm light
by MAR – copyright protected image

Two black and white cats
by MAR – copyright protected image

Two feral cats behind a steel fence
by MAR – copyright protected image

Feral cat looking up a camera
by MAR – copyright protected image

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Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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