Pictures of Dogs and Cats

A column of pictures of dogs and cats! This collage was made using Google Picasa 3 software (a very powerful and well thought out program) and Photoshop Elements which was used to resize it to fit this slender page.

Pictures of dogs and cats in a collage
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All the photographs are by Flickr photographers; published under a creative commons license, fully complied with. Starting top left and taking each line of photographs the credits (using Flickr usernames) are as follows:

  1. meknits
  2. myriorama
  3. northdevonfarmer
  4. aikijuanma
  5. miyagi
  6. Terry Bain
  7. Scott Kinmartin
  8. allygirl520
  9. Mathieu Struck
  10. poncho trillium jlantzy
  11. Scott Kinmartin
  12. CW Cohenour
  13. Petteri Sulonen

What is so nice about pictures of dogs and cats together is the interspecies companionship. The cliché that dogs chase cats and attack cats is not necessarily true. In fact, it need not be true at all if the dog and cat are socialized to accept and get on with each other.

The most effective time for socializing a cat or dog, as you probably know, is during the first 7 weeks of the companion animal’s life. It is part of the raising process. Socialization for dogs and cats means socializing them to get on with all other animals (ideally) and that includes the human animal, of course.

These pictures of dogs and cats together demonstrate how successful that process can be.

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