Pictures of domestic cats in English homes

These are a couple of photographs from the Cats Protection Instagram page of domestic cats in quintessentially English homes. They are houses rather than flats and they are decorated nicely. I just like the way that the cats fit into these homes. They more than fit in, in fact, they add an extra dimension to the home giving the room emotional warmth and an extra level of attractiveness.

Picture of a domestic cat in an English home
Picture of a domestic cat in an English home. Photo: see page that this photo illustrates.
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People who dislike cats or who are ambivalent about them will say that you don’t see the cat hairs! Yes, I can agree with that. There will be cat hairs in these photographs which are too small to see. They will be on the sofa and on the carpet and little balls of cat hair will be tumbling around the hard floor ending up in the corners where they will be hoovered up or picked up. This is the way of life when you live with a domestic cat.

But you don’t want to let it get to you. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of cat hair here are there. My computer mouse mat constantly has tabby hair strands all over it which I hoover from time to time. They are very visible because the mat is black. It is just a question of getting used to seeing them. Anybody can do it even if you are very houseproud. It’s a question of adapting to living with a cat in the same way that a cat adapts to live with humans. There must be compromise and this is one aspect of that lifestyle that requires a little bit of compromise.

Picture of a domestic cat in an English home
Picture of a domestic cat in an English home. Credit: read the article please.

The picture immediately above if from @deco.dwelling an interior designer. The picture at the top of the page is from Both have Instagram pages. If you want to see more of their pics copy the Instagram usernames that I have provided, add the word ‘Instagram’ and search in Google.

As you can see both cats are tabbies. One is a ginger tabby with a bit of white and the other is a brown tabby with a bit of white also.

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