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Pictures Of Huge Tabby Cat Built Like A Pitbull Dog — 6 Comments

  1. I hope to hell that bulk is not due to steroids the damage anabolics do is permanent. If he’s just unusually bulky with muscle and fat, then some weight loss is a good idea. If he got like that on steroids oh poor puss!

    • He looks very strange. It makes me wonder if the owner has fed him steroids. I am probably way off the mark.

  2. Frog has this bulldog build. She’s not fat but heavier than the other cats. As to agility she’s amazing in her ability to jump climb and run. She had this build from very early on. The cat in the picture appears to be morbidly obese as well as muscular. Makes you wonder what’s going on in that home and what blood work on this cat would show

  3. He has a brisk gait, but I doubt he could run, climb or jump. If he can’t do any “cat” things I wouldn’t call him healthy. I don’t know… he’s not normal, and there’s no information about him.

    • You think like me on this one. His body shape is peculiar. There is something strange about it. I’d love to have more info. I have tried to find more info but the trail runs dry.

  4. I hope that this cat’s size, whether obese or on steriods, won’t encourage people to fatten their cat for 15 minutes of fame.

    I wonder who the vet is, and the back story details on the cat. There must be some negative affect on the joints. I doubt if this cat was born this way.

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