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kittens cats

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Photograph © ~keepsmile

There are lots of pictures of kittens & cats on the ‘net. I have spent a lot of time sourcing the best. Here are some from deviantart, the website. They are all by amateurs and all have a bit of magic. All of the authors have been credited by their deviantart name and all permitted downloads. 

kittens cats
Photograph © copyright ~paoloSun

Cats like to lie on top of each other for warmth. (I wonder how they decide who goes on top first…)

The digital camera has opened doors for amateur photographers with talent and time.

Back in the old days, when we used film (usually 35 mm film in a cassette for 35 mm cameras) things were a lot trickier.

Firstly, the exposure had to be worked out manually or if not then with an “on camera” meter that required some input from the photographer. What I mean is that the meter reading couldn’t always be relied upon so you had to make corrections. This could and sometimes did slow you up.

kittens cats

© ~Minas-Tirith-Hakan

Secondly, you had to focus manually. That took time too. All the time that you are doing set up work you are missing the shot. That’s why Cartier Bresson used to photograph at f11 (for depth of field to avoid focusing and keep things simple). Apparently he didn’t use a light meter; he knew the exposure. All this allowed him to capture the moment. Taking pictures of kittens cats needs quick and accurate timing as these adorable creatures don’t pose for you.

pictures of kittens cats three kittens

© ~keepwalkingg

Thirdly, film (as opposed to digital capture) is less tolerant in terms of color capture and exposure latitude. To put it another way, in the “old days” it was hard to get accurate color rendition under all lighting conditions particularly indoors. Also, the exposure had to be accurate especially for slide film. Digital capture is fabulously easy and accurate. These problems melt away and you get the picture.

pictures of kittens cats beautiful small grey kitten thinking

© Washec Forhill (his actual name)

Fourthly, and I could have mentioned this earlier, the depth of field (the amount in focus from front to back) is greater with digital cameras as the format is smaller. This makes getting the photo sharp easier. The you’ve got the fact that its easier to carry the camera around. The picture of the cat above was taken with a mobile phone, for example. Modern amateur photographers don’t know their born!

pictures of kittens cats on veranda looking out
I’ve lost the name of the female New Zealand photographer who takes nice pictures of kittens cats including this fine photo with her mobile phone camera. Her pic was downloadable so if you see this please email me
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  • See more cats on my Flickr pages – some nice Savannah cats and servals.

kittens cats

© ~KaelBard

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