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Pictures of Lykoi and Sphynx cats — 2 Comments

  1. Michael, you’d have to know I’d randomly find this. Notwithstanding that those of the Sphynx breed need a lot of care, if personalities are bred into cats, a Sphynx is like Velcro. She is attached to you, like no other cat. Mine sleeps right under my chin and in my arms. The others are very affectionate but not as much as my Sphynx. She’s a delight. She has a sense of humor. Others are very similar as their blog will tell you. Understand that mine is a rescue and has a genetic defect in her eye. The breeder didn’t want her or to have her survive and let it be known there was a defect in that line. Maybe she is an anomaly, but was a delightful one.

    • I totally respect your viewpoints and I like your relationship with your Sphynx. I have a PETA viewpoint on cats and animals as you might know by now but it does not stop be respecting others and I don’t want to upset people. I just have to be true to myself when writing about cats.

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