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Pictures of Maximus the broken and dying stray cat will break your heart

I literally cried when I saw his little face. What a fighter. Someone needs to give him a home for Christmas. – Lisa Franks, a commenter

Maximus — Photo: Stray Cat Rescue Team WM – SWNS

Maximus looking lonely but loved and treated with loving care. Photo: White Cross Vets (believed).
Maximus looking better and well loved. Photo: White Cross Vets (believed).

The pictures of this poor, dear, stray cat have made people weep. But they responded by donating thousands of pounds for his care and recovery and many want to adopt him. The rescuers say that if they can make him happy in the last days, weeks of months of his life they will have succeeded.

His incredibly poor condition is a testament to how harsh life can be for stray cats living on the periphery of human society.

They have named him Maximus. He has gone viral. He has touched hearts. He was picked up at Great Barr, Sandwell, UK. He has FIV.

Maximus as found in a bad way. Photo: Stray Cat Rescue Team WM – SWNS

Some quotes from Lucy Strickland of Stray Cat Rescue Team West Midlands:

We didn’t hold out much hope for Maximus but he’s a fighter. He was in a terrible condition when we found him. Maximus was ignored for many years, too many people thought they were doing enough by feeding him and walking on by, but sometimes, these strays need so much more. We have cutting edge vets working mainly on Maximus. The nurses and staff have all been incredible. We are sourcing an American drug to try and help him. All our fundraising will be going on him.

Maximus on the mend.

Even if he only has a couple of weeks – or a couple of months – of happiness, we’ve done our job. Maximus was severely dehydrated and underweight when he was brought in and had no trust in humans. He would hiss and spit. He was terrified. A week after being rescued he realised that not all humans are bad. When he hears you, he starts purring.

Maximus being loved and healed. Photo: Stray Cat Rescue Team WM – SWNS

Some details about him

His claws had become embedded into his paws as they were so long. This must have happened because he was immobile as he could barely walk and was hours from death before being rescued.

He is currently being cared for at White Cross Vets in Wolverhampton, UK. He is receiving human treatment for Aids: AZT.

Update: The Daily Mail reported today 26th January 2020 that Maximus has died. £10,000 was raised in donations. RIP.

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