Pictures of Michael Jackson with cats

On Pinterest there are several pictures of Michael Jackson enjoying the company of cats. They are mainly domestic cats. listed him as 12th in the list of cool old photos of celebrities and their cats.

Pictures of Michael Jackson and cats
Pictures of Michael Jackson and cats. Pics in public domain.
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I have republished two of the photos on this page in a collage. I believe that they are in the public domain as they have been published without objection on Pinterest.

Judging by Michael’s contented expression as he interacts with these cats, we can say with some certainty that he really liked them.

There is nothing on the huge Wikipedia page about Jackson on whether he ever owned a cat or cats. If he had there’d be more people searching for information and people don’t search for it. I’ll presume, therefore that he never owned a cat but there is a photo of him with a cat in a home. This might indicate that he lived with a cat but it could just as well be someone else’s home and someone else’s cat.

Michael Jackson with cat
Michael Jackson with cat in someone’s home or the home of Michael Jackson. Photo: unattributed.

The fact of the matter is that he appears to have liked animals generally (he had a pet chimpanzee Bubbles). You might argue that the photos were publicity exercises to boost his public profile, and that might be true, but I sense that he genuinely liked animals. This is a good thing. Anyone who genuinely likes animals is very likely to be a decent person. However, Jackson allegedly also liked boys in an unhealthy way. If that is true it is clearly not a good thing and it indicates that he was not such a good person after all. He was extremely talented though.


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