Pictures of ocelot, sand cat and bobcat kittens in the news today

There are three American stories of cute wild kittens today which provide us with some cute pictures from three different small-to-medium sized wild cat species.


Ocelot kitten
The Cincinnati Zoo has produced two litters of ocelot kittens following artificial insemination with frozen semen – Provided/ Cincinnati Zoo. Note the coal black eyes and wonderful coat.
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From Cincinnati Zoo we have some super looking ocelot kittens. They were created through frozen semen and artificial insemination. Five kittens were born in March of which three survived. They are being raised by their moms.

The kittens’ father comes from Brazil. His semen was collected at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and frozen.

He is 16-years-of-age and the most genetically valuable male ocelot in North American zoos. He sired the Brazilian ocelot population! There are thought to be 60-80 ocelots in South Texas.

In the 1960s the ocelot dominated the US fur market, reaching a high of about 140,000 skins in 1970. It takes 12.9 skins to make a coat.

Palm Desert, California

Sand cat kitten
Sand cat kitten. Photo: Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. The world’s cutest wild cat species.

The next cute kitten picture is of a Sand cat. These really are very cute cats; either kitten or adult. Four Sand cat kittens were born at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. They are two males and two females. The last time they had Sand cat kitten births was in 2004. They weigh 10-12 ounces (300-340 grams).

Thousand Oaks, California

Bobcat kittens
Four bobcat kittens. Photo: National Park Service — Ana Beatriz Cholo/National Park Service via AP. An American treasure. Please stop trapping and killing them for fur.

Finally we have four bobcat kittens who were born to a young bobcat who survived the massive wildfires in California. They found the den in dense vegetation in a large residential backyard in Westlake Village which is northwest of Los Angeles. They are a week old and weigh about a pound each. I believe the kittens were checked over and weighed while their mom was away and they’ll be returned to their den.

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