2 thoughts on “Pictures of Savannah Cats 2”

  1. Hello my name is Jeremy Tyree, i live in Louisville,KY-USA-. I have a grey & black tiger striped domestic cat, i am 38 years old, & have owned cats all of my life. It is a dream of mine to own a Savannah cat, F1 or F2 would be preferable.I am wanting info as to weather or not i can adopt one for a reasonable price. I am not rich by any means, but i do live in a house with a big yard in back & front, & my home has 4 bedrooms. contact me if possible if u could help steer me in the rite direction with this matter. I would appreciate it so much, i can not express my love for feline friends, it is through the roof !!! Thank u for your time. Jeremy Tyree, 502-593-3423

    • Good luck Jeremy. These are fabulous cats. They are rather special and desirable. You have to be careful. Also you have to make sure that you comply with the law as not all states allow owning wild cat hybrids. Check the law.


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