Pictures of the saddest cat

Luhu has been around for a while now so this is not news. I was looking for some interesting pictures of cats and of course Luhu qualifies. It is hard to imagine a domestic cat looking sadder but is she sad? No, I am sure she is not. It is a misleading facial expression. It is a permanent facial expression which means that it can’t be a true facial expression reflecting her emotions.

Picture of the saddest cat
Picture of the saddest cat. This is Luhu living in China. Picture: Instagram.
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If Luhu had this facial expression from time to time that would tell us it reflected feelings (maybe). But a fixed expression cannot. It is a logical conclusion. A fact. I think everyone is aware of this. I don’t need to go over it again do I? Domestic cats have extremely subtle facial expressions. It can he hard to detect and interpret them. Pain does result in a pinched face. It is noticeable.

Luhu is like Grumpy cat in that way. She was permanently grumpy not because she was genuinely grumpy. I guess everyone realises that. Don’t they?!

Picture of the saddest cat
Picture of the saddest cat. Picture: Instagram page of Luhu.

I have gone on too long. As to pedigree, it seems that Luhu is a British Shorthair grey tabby. She lives in Beijing, China. Her human caretaker is Maggie Liu. She is a celebrity cat, of course. We all know that too. She has found fame on Instagram and other social media sites.

Advice to aspiring young persons who want to be famous: find a cat with a strange facial expression and get to work on Instagram. You’ll become vicariously famous via your cat. ‘Vicariously’ means through or via someone else.


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    • Cats do have facial expressions but they can be subtle and are usually linked to suffering from discomfort, pain and acute pain. ‘Sad’ cats are often cats with a facial anatomy which gives the impression they are sad.


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