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Pictures of the world’s most glamorous cat and dog hotel — 2 Comments

  1. The design is nice, but I can’t help but wonder about enrichment for the cats too. The pictures don’t show the specific quarters of either cats or dogs – just an overview of the complex. Although impressive looking in its size, I can’t help but wonder about the actual living quarters, being minimalist.

    Are there beds? Toys? Cat trees? Open air for the cats to explore, like a giant catio area? Do any of the animals have the ability to explore and/or partake in a garden of their own?

    Curiosity peaks my interest. It would be nice if pictures in more detail were available.

    • Yes, well said again Gail. It is a beautiful design but it needs the common touch. It needs to be lived in and I would hope that those aspects of a dog and cat home that you mentioned will be added

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