Pictures of two tigers being tested for Covid-19

These interesting pictures show swabs being taken from the nose and throat of tigers at Miami Zoo so they can be tested for Covid-19 as they showed symptoms that indicated that they might have had the disease. They tested negative. The vets are now diagnosing the disease which may be a feline cold (URI – upper respiratory infection).

There is an interesting comment on YouTube which makes a good point although I agree that it was correct to test the tigers.

Wtf are you serious, they are testing tigers but almost all of the population hasn’t been tested just celebrities and old people what a shame on democrats

After all if the tigers tested positive they could theoretically spread the disease although at present the experts say that cats can’t spread the disease to people. Also it is useful research to test these tigers. It helps to understand the spread of the disease and whether it can infect the wild cats which appears to be the case as Bronx Zoo tigers and lions were infected by a zoo keeper it is believed.

The pictures are screenshots from a video on YouTube uploaded by CBS Miami.


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