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Pictures of Ugly Cats — 4 Comments

  1. Is there really such a thing as an ugly cat?? I adopt rescue cats as a rule. They need me more, maybe as much as I need them. They are beautiful as per the taste of more finicky cat parents. Some are simply gorgeous and tend to live much longer. The genetic varience give them more select traits.My husband and sister bought me a non breedable pedigreed Maine Coon and we adored each other. But Brendy didn’t want anyone or any other kitty to be near me other than him. Which was difficult because I had grandbabies to babysit! But he left a huge hole in my heart when he died. To breed or not to breed? I say don’t breed for the kitties’ sake. Breed only if the results will be a healthy, natural, nondeformed kitten. Breed with love!

    • Good point about ugly cats not being ugly. I get the point. They are all sentient beings with emotions and deserving of our respect. I guess the point I am making is that the public considers them ugly and breeders make them ugly, often. Thanks for commenting, Mendy. Nice story by the way.

  2. It is such a shame that “ugly” is trending. People have no clue, nor do they care, about the consequences of their actions, including animal breeding. These “ugly” cats are very sad creatures who didn’t ask to be born. The breeders should face heavy penalties for doing this deliberately. A nasty jab at the purse should curb most of this behavior.

    • The cat associations have got it wrong basically. The phrases they use in the breed standards are badly formulated which opens the door to a bad human habit which is to play God with animals and create something which they think improves on nature. I guess we can blame the cat associations for not doing their job well enough. For me, in an ideal world there would be no cat breeds at all until we have resolved the unwanted cat population problem. I guess you know that.

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