Pig Nibbles Cat

Pig Nibbles Cat

by Michael

Nice video of two species getting on famously together. I always like to see that and Dorothy knows it and has found this video for me:

What do you notice about this? Well, for me the pig is a little rough! LOL. But what can you expect and anyway this very tolerant cat likes it.

This is an example of socialization, animals living together during the first 7 weeks of life. They get on great.

Maybe we (humans) should try some socialisation during our early years.

Hope you like it. Thanks Dorothy.

This is the URL for the video on YouTube:


The video maker appears to own and manage a pig farm.



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Pig Nibbles Cat

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Jan 13, 2012
Lovely video
by: Ruth

What a lovely video.
Yes if only we humans would accept all other living beings with friendship and respect on equal terms the world would be a much nicer place.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 13, 2012
very cute
by: leanne

i’m sure the cat would have scarpered if he’d objected too much to rough piggy snuggles. i think our pig, Pickle, a saddleback would have been a LOT rougher, i’m pleased none of the cats ever decide to go and visit her for snuggles. as you say the human race could learn a lot just from observing our furry friends. very good vid.

Jan 13, 2012
by: That Person Barbara

Lovely vid, yes the pig is a bit enthusiastic but we all know cats and that cat would have been out of there or striking out with the iron fist if he/she hadn’t liked it, they look like good friends. It looked like the session was coming to an end anyway as the video finished and the cat was preparing to skedaddle.
It’s so nice to see different species befriending each other, that’s how it should always be, not dogs set against cats etc. I agree with Michael, I think if we humans weren’t so arrogant we could learn a lot from animals.

Barbara avatar

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