Pigmentation On My Kitten’s Nose

by Sarah

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My kitten is now 4 months old and a couple of weeks ago I noticed that a dark spot had appeared on her nose. I took her to the vet and he said that it was just pigmentation - nothing to worry about.

She also has many darker spots on the roof of her mouth which the vet says are normal.

I do notice black mucus often appears in her nostrils, but the vet says that it is just dust from our house that she inhales, although this does not happen with my other cats - so I'm not sure about that...


Hi Sarah... thanks for visiting and asking. Your concern is admirable. I like that. You are one of us!

I think the vet is right. Certainly pigmentation on the nose and inside the mouth is perfectly normal. I made a posting about black pigmentation on the gums as people are sometimes concerned about this. The same principles apply to inside the mouth.

My cat Charlie has black pigmentation inside his mouth too. He has three legs.

As to the "black mucus" from nostrils, I am not sure. If everything else looks fine, meaning your cat is healthy, eating properly, going to toilet properly - in short showing all the usual signs of good health, then I would not worry but watch.

It may be that you are misreading the nature of the liquid coming from the nose. I suspect the vet is correct on this one too.

Your kittens looks adorable by the way - nice photo. Nice blob of black pigment on the nose...:)

Take care.

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Pigmentation On My Kitten's Nose

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Sep 11, 2011 My kitten has a black spot too!
by: Sootysaffie

I feel loads better after reading your post! My kitten is a black and white tuxedo colored kitten and has developed a little black beauty spot on his pink nose! Now I know it's normal pigmentation I feel loads better!

Aug 05, 2011 Response to last comment
by: Michael

Hi Ali. I think the black pigmentation is normal. It may happen at a certain age normally. A cancerous growth would be "live". Weeping etc. If it is just black pigment, watch and wait.

Pigmentation is variable and changes with age etc. I am glad you are a thinker and concerned. A sign of a good cat guardian!

Aug 05, 2011 Same thing
by: Ali

I have a tuxedo cat who is a year and a half. He just got a black spot on his nose.It seemed to have popped up out of no where. He has a very pink nose and it popped up on the edge. It concerns me a little because I hear cats with pink noses can be susceptible to skin cancer , however he is an Indoor cat. Does this sound concerning? Also he has that black mucus you mention- he always had it and i hear this is a very normal common thing in tuxedos.

Pls advise about the black spot.. Kinda worried. It's flat and about half an inch in diameter . Thx!

Sep 03, 2010 Thank you!
by: Sarah

Hi Michael, Finn & Kathy,

Thanks for your responses. Her name is Lila and she is the best -- I've even taught her how to play fetch which is so cute.
As for the black 'beauty spot' it is gradually getting bigger, but it gives her character.
The black mucus is still there, I just make sure I clean it every couple of days for her. My other cat is a mackerel tabby and I don't see any in his nostrils perhaps because his nose is darker.
I'm no longer worried about it!

Thanks πŸ™‚


Jul 19, 2010 Nose and gum pigmentation
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Sarah. I agree with Michael that a two colour pigmentation is nothing to worry about. Actually it's quite normal with black and white tuxedo cats - or at so it seems to me since I started looking for it.
Your kitten has what looks like a small "beauty spot" in black, whereas my own Snow White has much more than that - as the picture in 'Cat Has Black Gums' shows.
As to the mucus, do your other cats have black noses? Because if that's the case, maybe it's just more noticeable on the kitten because she has such a pink nose...
And I agree, she is just beautiful. What's her name? πŸ˜‰

Jul 16, 2010 cute kitty
by: kathy

My sons cat , who passed away last year , had similar markings on her nose. Only she had two marks one above each nostril. I think they are cute markings.

8 thoughts on “Pigmentation On My Kitten’s Nose”

  1. Our 5 month old kitten has the same! He looks almost identical to the original poster’s kitty. He is black and white and has developed a black “freckle” on his pink nose. The females of the litter were calico. So I am thinking it’s genetic for him. The vet said it was completely benign. See the picture, 3 months difference and he looks completely different!

    • Yes, this is just the standard spot of pigmentation on his nose which actually is quite common. I looked after a lady cat who had the same pigmentation. He is a very handsome cat by the way. I like the photographs. Thanks for showing us Stephanie.

  2. Hi my little Harley is 6 and a half months. A little black spot appeared on his nose and is getting bigger is this normal quite worried about it

    • Hi Maria. Thanks for asking. The picture is not that clear to be honest. However, it is likely to be the natural development of a “freckle” – a spot of pigment. It looks benign. These pigment spots can develop and grow a bit like older people get spots of their hands although he is not old. Personally I’d watch and wait. If the area looks healthy and there is nothing to see other than the spot then that’s all it is – a pigment spot.

      You are probably concerned because he is all-white and white cats as you know are more susceptible to sunburn and frostbite. I don’t think this a problem in this case. Good luck.

  3. this post makes me feel so much better! my kitty is 10 years old and up until last year has always had a cute half pink, half black nose until a little black dot appeared on the pink side! it’s connected to the black side too so it’s funny, like it blended over haha glad to know it’s common with other tuxedo cats :]


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