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Pigmentation On My Kitten’s Nose — 8 Comments

  1. Our 5 month old kitten has the same! He looks almost identical to the original poster’s kitty. He is black and white and has developed a black “freckle” on his pink nose. The females of the litter were calico. So I am thinking it’s genetic for him. The vet said it was completely benign. See the picture, 3 months difference and he looks completely different!

    • Yes, this is just the standard spot of pigmentation on his nose which actually is quite common. I looked after a lady cat who had the same pigmentation. He is a very handsome cat by the way. I like the photographs. Thanks for showing us Stephanie.

  2. Hi my little Harley is 6 and a half months. A little black spot appeared on his nose and is getting bigger is this normal quite worried about it

    • Hi Maria. Thanks for asking. The picture is not that clear to be honest. However, it is likely to be the natural development of a “freckle” – a spot of pigment. It looks benign. These pigment spots can develop and grow a bit like older people get spots of their hands although he is not old. Personally I’d watch and wait. If the area looks healthy and there is nothing to see other than the spot then that’s all it is – a pigment spot.

      You are probably concerned because he is all-white and white cats as you know are more susceptible to sunburn and frostbite. I don’t think this a problem in this case. Good luck.

  3. this post makes me feel so much better! my kitty is 10 years old and up until last year has always had a cute half pink, half black nose until a little black dot appeared on the pink side! it’s connected to the black side too so it’s funny, like it blended over haha glad to know it’s common with other tuxedo cats :]

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