Pit bull covered in scars has fostered more than 20 kittens

Who would have thought a stray pit bull covered in scars would make a good foster mom to 20 kittens. This is the story of Hema, who has made it her life’s mission to care for kittens fostered by Marissa Cingen.

Photo credit Malissa Clingen/Robin Seegers
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Marissa, who volunteers as a foster mom, and her roommate Robin Seegers, spotted Hema in 2013 when she ended up at Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C. Discovered as a stray and covered in scars and bite wounds, Marissa and Robin fell in love with this sweet and loving doggie and decided to give her a forever home.

Over a period of three years, Hema has fostered more than 20 kittens. Robin is officially Hema’s “mom” and described her dog to The Dodo as a “very playful and cuddly” dog, who likes sneaking onto people’s laps and giving lots of kisses. In an interview, Marissa told The Dodo

“Who would have thought a stray D.C. pit bull with scars on her face would be a good kitten mother?”

This kitten-obsessed pit bull still lives in the Washington, D.C. area and spends her days licking, cuddling and socializing her temporary roommates. Marissa credits Hema to saving a sick kitten called Muffin, who for awhile seemed destined for the Rainbow Bridge. Thanks to Marissa’s excellent foster care and Hema’s snuggling abilities, Muffin pulled through. Marissa said Hema would lick Muffin’s crusty face and snuggle with him in her bed.

Hema has a very important job, as being around a large dog such as herself acclimates the kittens to their future home, where there may be a family dog.


Many more photos can be seen of Hema and some of her kittens by clicking here.


4 thoughts on “Pit bull covered in scars has fostered more than 20 kittens”

  1. Our boxer/pit mix Dreyfuss was the same way. The cats all used him as a giant heated blanket. It was amazing to watch them.

  2. I have so many friends and just people I know who have brought a dog into their home only to end in eventual disaster for their cat.
    There are some animals of all species that have some extreme mothering instincts and will take a young animal of any species and nurture it. Anyone reading this should proceed with caution leaving helpless babies with a dog or cat until they are sure it is safe.
    The need for a young sick animal to be nurtured is often underestimated. What a wonderful dog.


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