PITA My Siamese Cat

by Amy
(Newark, Delaware)

PITA my Siamese baby

PITA my Siamese baby

I love animals and I was on "Craigslist" one day, I found an ad that said "Siamese cats". I saw the picture that she had posted and there was a beautiful Siamese cat, I contacted her as soon as possible and talked with her on the phone for about an hour.

When my fiance came home I showed him the picture of this beautiful creature. I told him I wanted to go and get him! I had just had a cat that passed away a week before.

My fiance and I took our two kids for an hour drive away to go and get our new family member. When we got to the woman's house we were greeted by a big beautiful grey Siamese kitty also known as "Pita". I couldn't say no.

We have had Pita now for almost a year and I have never seen a cat who was so smart and so incredible in my life. He fits right in with my family and I wouldn't give him up for the world. What I don't understand is how someone could just be giving away such and awesome cat for free.


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