Pizzeria has pawsome idea: putting lost pet posters on pizza boxes

This is a double whammy idea from one of John Sanfratello’s customers. He owns Angelo’s Pizza in Matawan, a long established business which started in 1974.

Lost per flyer on pizza box
Lost per flyer on pizza box. Photo: Angelo’s Pizza
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A woman customer of Angelo’s came up with the idea of putting lost pet flyers on his pizza boxes. This helps spread the word about lost cats and dogs which improves the chances of finding them. I have to say that it is also a great promotional idea for the business. The comments on his Facebook page are very encouraging with admirers about the idea saying they are going to drive to Angelo’s for a pizza even if it is an hour’s drive.

It all started with a cat called Hazel. Hazel’s owner came in last week and told John that her cat had been missing since November last year. He was upset and she asked if he’d put her flyer on his pizza boxes. John thought is was a good idea. Let’s see a picture of this woman. She may have started a new, nationwide trend.

“She said her cat has been missing since November…But she said she feels that if we put this on our boxes, people in Matawan order here, we’re known locally, that maybe she can be reunited with her cat.”

Facebook played its usual role too. He’s put an FB poster on his webpage which has been shared 1.5k times and the 171 comments are highly supportive.

“This is a wonderful idea! I, too, would love to support your business. Please consider offering vegan cheese pizzas.”

John, you’ll have to start making vegan pizzas!

John responded with his comment:

“We are happy to let everyone know our sister restaurant La Forchetta Ristorante Pizzeria in Stuart Florida has begun the same initiative for their community! We hope more businesses follow suit to help lost pets return to their families. Thank you everyone for your very kind comments!”

The idea is spreading. Hazel, the cat was found. Quickly Angelo’s received a couple more requests for pizza box flyers. As yet those pets have not been found.

It’s a cool idea. It benefits the community and the business. It helps bind the community as it is very supportive. Well done the lady who lost her cat.

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