Place where kids and cats are justifiably banned

Can you ever justifiably ban both kids and cats from a certain location? Well, I think you can although I admit that reluctantly. One such place exists or will exist in the UK when it has been built.

It’s going to be a group of retirement bungalows in Kent, UK, and the bungalows will be for sale for the over 55s which makes it fair to ban kids because old people hate kids!

I’m joking – slightly, but old people like quiet, calm and order because their nerves have become somewhat frayed after living on this planet for so long. Although the age of 55 is not that old but I suspect these bungalows are going to be for people who are in their 70s.

Housing estate with cats and kids!
Housing estate with cats and kids!
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And the reason why cats are going to be banned from this development is because it is situated near a protected wildlife site. And we know that domestic cats prey upon small mammals and marsupials and other small creatures which means it’s perfectly justifiable to keep cats away from a wildlife protected zone which happens to be adjacent to a new residential development.

The only way to achieve that result is to ban domestic cats from this new development which is what the local authority has done.

The condition is that no one under the age of 16 can live on the estate which is designed apparently to dissuade regular homebuyers. Yes, that makes sense, certain developments should be for the older buyer which is somewhat mirrored in retirement villages. These are a group of houses or flats designed for the elderly and conditions can be set to make them ideal places for the elderly.

That said, most elderly people like to live with a companion dog or cat in their retirement village home or in an estate as referred to in this article. Normally that would take place because normally a new estate won’t necessarily be sited next to a wildlife reserve.

In fact, you could argue that a true retirement village of any sort or an estate where there are only elderly people, should allow pets. This is because pets will enhance the welfare and health of the elderly people living there. This is a known benefit.

Clearly, this Kent development is going to be a regrettable exception to the pet allowed rule. And that can only be because the planning permission has been granted to a parcel of land which is near a wildlife reserve. This might be quite an obstacle to the developer in selling the bungalows to be built on this site.

The no-cat condition will mean that the developer loses some potential buyers.

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