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Plague: the urgent need to have cats roaming our streets — 19 Comments

  1. Another “gift” for Mr. Sanderson.
    Unfortunately the cats are to be blamed when the rodents invade, people should realize that cats should be allowed to control the rodents population before it goes out of hand not after fact.


    Apocalyptic! GIANT RAT PLAGUE: 25 000 000 Swarm IRAN CAPITAL — TEHRAN… Mar. 7, 2013.

      • You’re absolutely right, and the history gives many example that prove the cat is the only way to control rodents without harming the environment and man.

      • Thanks for your comment, believe me there is no feral cats over population, the problem is the cats are trapped in many ways and can’t escape to spread out as they do indistinctly when the colony over grow the food available in one area. Cats eat to control never to extinct.
        Thanks for allowing me to share my knowledge and love for animals on this valuable space.
        Wish you and your readers a wonderful day.

  2. I’m glad you bring up the Egyptians.

    Cats weren’t native animals to Egypt either. They were imported from other regions, brought in from Turkey and surrounding areas. Most all of them were young. Only a small number were kept as temple animals and pets. Then to “worship” them properly; they were all killed at a young age, mummified, then offered as animal sacrifices to their Goddess Bastet. This is why they found 300,000 young mummified cats buried there for a population of only 100,000 to 150,000 people. EACH PERSON killed and sacrificed at least 2 YOUNG cats as a cultural custom and duty. They couldn’t worship their offerings to Bastet while the cats were alive, they needed non-corporeal cats for that.

    [Aside: I often wonder if this isn’t what, in part, led to their eventual downfall. So many exorbitant resources devoted to killing exponentially-over-breeding cats, along with all the diseases cats spread. Someone was at least smart enough to make it a religious-custom to kill them at high rates. Cats’ Toxoplasma gondii brain-hijacking parasite might have even caused mental problems in their leaders and general population (as it does today; causing autism, schizophrenia, and brain tumors in humans).]

    It is also interesting to note that people who want to worship cats today, claiming that’s what Egyptians did, aren’t doing it right. They must kill them while young, mummify them, then leave them at the altar of their nearest place of worship.

    • Cats weren’t native animals to Egypt either.

      The North African wildcat (ancestor to the domestic cat) was native to Egypt. I don’t understand what you’re saying Woody.

    • I have no idea where you’re getting your information from.
      The old Egyptians had two cats goddess, Ibis and Bastet, the hunting active Ibis, and the domicile resting Bastet. Cats were NOT scarified and offered to the Cats goddess! The information you provided has no root nor logic.
      I understand that you hate cats, but that should not stop be from seeking truth and knowledge about this animal.

  3. Sigh. I pray for the day that ANY of you astoundingly stupid XXXX get more than a grammar-schooler’s 3rd grade level of knowledge and comprehension. I won’t hold my breath for that. Born XXXX…(rest deleted because it contains many insults…Admin)

    Woody if you stop insulting people and provide hard facts I’ll publish your comment but I won’t tolerate insults. You are very stupid to believe I will publish insults. Wake up Woody.

  4. This is delusional..
    Orange County Florida is no different than any other county. They have no tolerance for any free roaming cat. The animal services is much more about how to keep a cat out of your garden. It’s more about ridding your property of nuisance cats ie. trapping and being killed at the shelter.
    There will never be a need for free-roaming cats in the U.S. as long as the ordinances stay as they are.
    I’m sure that Gina is at every city council and county commissioner meeting to fight for cats. Please tell us the outcome.

  5. It’s a sad state of affairs when people leap om the hate cats band wagon so quickly and invent all kinds of excuses and reasons to persecute, and kill them, whether free-born or pets. It is obvious they are missing something. Their irrational hatred of cats will get them in trouble as it did Medieval Europeans. They refuse to see the error of their ways which smacks of brainwashing or mental problems. This is an important matter that the center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC should be concerned about but I don’t see anything from them at all.

    • I agree with Gina that people in authority should start to look at the benefits of community cats rather than constantly fretting about how to exterminate them. This is where Turkey is ahead. In Turkey people don’t seem to have the same hatred for street cats. The same goes for Israel.

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