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Playing the “Crazy Cat Lady” Card — 10 Comments

  1. … I believe you are also criticizing the cat as some sort of useless animal which is up to no good and can only live with crazy people.

    I thought this was a known and widely accepted fact, no?

    • Yes, it is an image of the cat which I’d like to do away with for the simple reason they are very useful in providing company to millions of lonely people and in providing entertainment to gazillions of internet users 😉 . Oh and they also make us smile and reduce our heart rate…..

  2. Why does no one call a woman with a pack of dogs a ‘crazy dog lady’ It seems acceptable to have out of control barking dogs chasing around and jumping at people, but unacceptable to have more than one or two loved and cared for cats who bother no one.
    I’m crazy about cats I must admit lol and don’t really care any more if people think loving cats, being veggie and not using anything at all tested on animals is eccentric, I’d far rather be me than some cold hearted person never knowing the love and trust of cats in their life.

    • You are tough enough and single-minded enough to brush this prejudice off which is good but it is a sign of an underlying male prejudice against women. It has major repercussions in all walks of life including the workplace.

  3. I have been accused of being mentally ill because I have 13 cats and I spend a lot of time cleaning and caring for them. I was told all the time and money I spend on them I could do other things,have a social life. Well,it is my time and money,therefore my choice. I’m not a social butterfly so I am not concerned with partying or whatever,never was. Being responsible seems offensive to people.

  4. In my experience, when a debate turns to name calling or anything defamatory, it’s over. The insulting party has lost.

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