Please Be Generous At Christmas

As I am writing this, there are 49 days to Christmas. So now is a good time for our PoC cat loving family to start buying an extra tin or two of cat food each time we go shopping, to give to our local Cat Rescues.

Please be generous to cats at Christmas
Please be generous to animals at Christmas and think of Kays Hill. Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

Our own local Sanctuary Kays Hill has many various animals and birds and supporters can choose the species they wish to give to.

No contest for us, loving cats as we do, we always have and always will, support Kays Hill Cattery. We watched it grow from the old crumbling building to the spacious new cattery it is now. It still isn’t finished, unfortunately the money ran out and the space which could be filled with more pens awaits a time when it can happen.

No cat in need is turned away though, Kevin and Leanne juggle the cats and kittens around to make a space when a new one comes along and somehow they rehome many into their wonderful forever homes.

No healthy cat is ever killed at Kays Hill.

Unrehomable cats stay there forever and what a good life they have. Good food, warm cosy beds, loving care and the freedom of the surrounding fields where they can enjoy doing what cats do.

It’s very easy when shopping to buy an extra tin or two of cat food or a box of biscuits or maybe a little cat toy and what a difference it makes to the cats in care and it helps the Sanctuary financially too, the more generous people are, the more money saved on food, the more cats can be helped.

Let’s all make it a very happy Christmas 2014 by starting right now to fill a cardboard box with our gifts for animals.

93 thoughts on “Please Be Generous At Christmas”

      • They are a work of art. We have 3 very kind crocheters/knitters now who take blankets in to Babz.
        Not only does it help cats it helps those women too as they feel valued and useful.
        As long as we can keep finding the wool and then again, some people generously give it 🙂
        I think the good people here cancel out the bad.

  1. 13 altogether and she put a towel in the parcel so as not to be unlucky 13, I think she did right, they have had enough bad luck to last a lifetime.

      • They are beautiful Dee, Babz has brought the rest home today as we are going up there tomorrow with some bits and bobs and a bit of moral support for them.

  2. Disaster has struck Kays Hill again, Leanne says:
    ‘As we have come in to work this morning, we found that the sanctuary was hit by another storm through the night. It has left our stable block in an unstable position, however all animals are ok’

    I’m in tears for them, they work so hard and care so much, yet fate is so cruel to them.
    It’s pouring with rain and flooding and windy and poor Kevin is praying for it to stop.


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