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      • They are a work of art. We have 3 very kind crocheters/knitters now who take blankets in to Babz.
        Not only does it help cats it helps those women too as they feel valued and useful.
        As long as we can keep finding the wool and then again, some people generously give it 🙂
        I think the good people here cancel out the bad.

  1. 13 altogether and she put a towel in the parcel so as not to be unlucky 13, I think she did right, they have had enough bad luck to last a lifetime.

      • They are beautiful Dee, Babz has brought the rest home today as we are going up there tomorrow with some bits and bobs and a bit of moral support for them.

  2. Disaster has struck Kays Hill again, Leanne says:
    ‘As we have come in to work this morning, we found that the sanctuary was hit by another storm through the night. It has left our stable block in an unstable position, however all animals are ok’

    I’m in tears for them, they work so hard and care so much, yet fate is so cruel to them.
    It’s pouring with rain and flooding and windy and poor Kevin is praying for it to stop.

  3. Our Christmas box for Kays Hill Cattery is coming along nicely, it’s lovely seeing it fill up and still 6 weeks to go.
    How is everyone else doing, Babz and I would love to see your photos 🙂 🙂

  4. Think I understand, Babz. Harder to fathom is why all the other businesses in your and neighboring towns are unaware – if they are – of the PR enhancement of donating produce to charitable causes -as did Del Monte. The wastage in the towns where I live – and these towns may be even smaller than yours – is criminal. That goes for our local newspaper, which prints six-foot-tall, multiple stacks of newspapers they fail to sell, week after week. As for our markets, dumpsters bulging with meat, fruits and vegetables, etc. end up in the county’s glutted ‘landfill’ (‘dump’ or ‘tip’). Unless litigation issues could arise, it seems incredible none of your local supermarkets can give Kay’s Hill and other sanctuaries their leftover food. The tradeoff? A bit of news coverage. Over the years Ruthie has sent me excerpts from your local newspapers, and everyone knows everyone else in your Wind-in-the-Willow quaint little towns. It would seemingly build good will (translation: more business) if these stores, instead of discarding their ‘expiration date’ foodstuffs – participated in such a program.

    What is so startling over here, I wrote to Ruthie once that I offered to donate to a shelter some shopping bags filled with canned cat food. The Animal Control person, however, informed me that they already had far too many donations, and couldn’t be bothered with any more.

    • I think most businesses here are involved in some sort of community work Sylvia, there’s always something going on and not just with Funeralcare, luckily everyone is different so some people help young people, some help old people, some help animals, some help sports groups. Our “Wind in the Willows quaint town” is a generous and busy town, and hopefully typical of towns all around our country.

    • I would like to add that recently kays hill was added as a Sainsbury’s partner by our local superstore this means each day I get to go through their waste and collect out of date bread and vegetables as well as a chance to do animal awareness/collection days in the car park

      • Another job for you Kevin going through their waste lol but one you do willingly I know.
        Sainsburies are very good supporting you, you need all the help you can get with 300+ animals to care for!

      • Oh Kevin. I didn’t see this post until now.
        I love this. So many retailers waste so much and don’t allow people to collect.
        Myself, and a couple of others, are now “dumpster divers”, especially behind pet stores. You may not kbnow what that is; but, in essance, we dive into very large metal bins and and retrieve cat and dog food as well as damaged but usable items like towels, carriers, cat trees.

  5. Why war? (A copyrighted quote)

    ‘Identity, stimulation, security. . . A behavior pattern or a cultural tradition is successful if it satisfies a maximum of innate needs. Human war, for example, has been the most successful of all our cultural traditions because it satisfies all three basic needs . . . The stimulation of warfare is the most powerful ever produced in the history of the species. The flight from boredom has never been presented with such maximum satisfaction for maximum numbers. No philosopher, viewing the horrors of war through the astigmatic lenses of the pain-or-pleasure principle, can grasp the attraction war presents to civilized men. It is the ultimate release from the boredom of normal existence. This is what William James so well understood when he wrote that a permanent peace economy can never be based on a pleasure economy. Pain may be far more stimulating than pleasure: death and disaster may present hypodermic charges more potent than life at its fullest, success at its most resounding. In all the rich catalogue of human hypocrisy it is difficult to find anything to compare with that dainty of dainties, that sugared delicacy: the belief that people do not like war.'[R.A.]

  6. I agree with you Ruth and I saw all thepics on my facebook as I follow you there,too.

    It is very necessary in every world event all over the world but I myself think that we human beings are seldom selfish than to be kind to ensure not to harm others health or psychological fears. specially related to pets it is a sensitive matter. 🙁

    • Thank you Ahsan, this time of year especially there are people’s charities needing money and animals sometimes get forgotten, but we won’t let them be if we remind people that they need help too.

  7. VERY nice – all we have over here are cheap, one-inch paper poppies, and they’re worn only by Legionnaires.

    Great window design and nifty photo – looks like you had to climb a tall ladder to shoot it. Doesn’t Babz have enough to do with her work without being recruited to host all the fund-raisers in your town? It’s hard to see how you can do any more than you’ve already done for years in your town. Can anyone else continue the tradition, or lend a helping hand? — I have this TO-DIE-FOR, years-old recipe for chicken salad that’s quick & easy to toss together, and quite inexpensive – but I know you’re vegetarians. Thing is, with cornbread, this salad’s a cinch to whip up compared to baking & frosting chocolate cakes and other pastries. . . and your legions of guests are more than likely 99 percent carnivores.
    Yes – a war zone. But help is on the way! None at all – not a tittle & a jot – from what is next door. Which I didn’t expect, never mind their seven-figure incomes. That prince of a man – the guy who bought my cider press a month ago – is coming over here Saturday morning and repairing the fence and any loose shingle at no charge (though I certainly mean to pay him). Meanwhile, there’s a wee biggie brewing tonight – 60 mph winds roaring in from the coast.

    Sid is content to be out on the screened porch. He’ll blow away if I let him out. In very near future, am going to have a low-cost S-N. clinic in Tacoma relieve the poor kitty-man of his cajones. A group of animal welfare people down here pick up the cats and bring them back in a van. (Am worried, though, about air-borne disease if he’s crammed into a small space.)

      • great window display, hope it makes everyone think of the high cost of war, not just to humans but all those poor animal casualties too

    • Very nice. Well done Babz. Apparently 47% of the British people believe it should be compulsory to wear the poppy at this time. I am thinking of popping down to the Tower of London next week before the poppy display is removed. It is very popular and looks spectacular.

      • People shouldn’t need to be forced to wear a Poppy should they, they should do it willingly in honour of those who fought for us. Babz has raised £58 so far for the British Legion by selling crocheted poppies at work, we have some good people here in Shildon.

          • People in the community crochet or knit them with the wool Funeralcare provide, so each is a bit different. Babz has totally sold out now and people have given good donations.

              • Have you managed a stall in Shildon for 6th December Leanne? Babz is doing just simple tea and biccies but unfortunately can’t choose her own charity, it has to go to the Chamber of Trade.

              • is that the Christmas parade one? yes we are booked, as far as I know anyway, we always have a stall in the civic but apparently there will be a separate one in the street too, am I right?

              • Yes this is a separate one organised by the newly formed Shildon Businesses (Chamber of trade) there’s going to be a parade from the King Willie along to the town square and stalls all along the route if all goes to plan. The C-op joined the chamber of trade and so Jenette wants the proceeds to go to the funds, I don’t think we’ll make much but at least we’re showing willing. Glad you got a stall.

      • Just like Over here Michael on ANZAC day which is AUST/NZ alliance. I think it should be a mark of respect what all countries have stood up for & still war continues…. They are thinking of changing our flag over here at present for a cost of millions of dollars while people live in poverty. They don’t seem to get their priorities straight and it seems we going to join rest of the world and be spied on wonderful world we live in 🙁

          • That sounds wonderful. Yes we Celebrate on April 25 Each Year for Anzacs and I always follow it as my Granddad was in the second world war. It just saddens me though that war never ends. You are right it is a Gratitude of what men and women and animals did for our futures.

  8. Ruthie — Another beautiful essay, and a fabulous poster. If the rate of exchange weren’t so unfavorable, I’d send a donation to the earth angels at Kay’s Hill. But no can do. Could you organize another tea party to raise some funds?

    Your essay, though, inspires me to put together a Christmas pkg. for an animal shelter out on the ocean. Thank you for nudging your fans along in this kindly direction.

    p.s. No – am not yet dead & gone at this end.

    A few nights ago Sidney tipped over a gallon of latex paint that took over an hour to mop up. I stumbled over my janitorial mop-bucket with its hand-crank and rubber rollers and, since then, have sat soaking foot in pail of hot water. Actually, I managed to drive Sid to the vets on the day of the mop-up, as I was afraid he’d gotten pain on his toes. He seemed to be fine, though. But on the way home, George failed to properly fasten the latch to his carrier, and he punched his way out. Was swerving all over the road, thanks to the 10-lb. fur hat on my head.

    Late next Sat. afternoon a couple of friends are chauffeuring me up to the library. Can’t drive yet – clutch-foot is bunged up, and car is stick-shift. Hope things are holding together at your end. xxx

    • Thank you Sylvia, I’m sure your animal shelter will be glad of your generosity. No it’s not worth sending money abroad, the banks take too much out of the exchanging of it.
      If we do organise another Coffee Morning it will definitely be for Kays Hill, but the Easter one for the 4 local Shelters nearly finished us off and some people didn’t like that we shared the proceeds out remember.
      Babz is flat out busy at work with Remembrance Day and then the Christmas Memorial tree on top of her already busy days and preparing for a town event with stalls, going on in early December, unfortunately she can’t choose her own charity that day. We are currently trying to think up how to raise some money for Kays Hill. Hopefully Shildon people will take pet food into her office if we put a few of the poster above around the town.
      Oh dear sounds like you’ve been in the wars and wearing a furry hat driving lol glad you both survived that and the latex paint! Looks like Sid is with you to stay! He knew you would succumb to his charms lol

  9. Seeing I’m so far away, I will donate to my Local SPCA. We already have a way of donate cat food and biscuits at our Supermarket. It is SPCA donate week this week. So perfect time to do something.

  10. This is a lovely idea, I hope people wherever they live will take it to heart and buy a few tins, and a few treats, for cats and kittens and all the other deserving animals that don’t have homes of their own. I had no idea Kays Hill were supporting so many ferals, and visitors, on top of the cats waiting for new homes, I’m astounded at how you cope with it all, hats off to Kays Hill!!

    • Kays Hill is the very best that I have ever come across. And, I live in America. I can hardly believe what they have done and are doing in spite of the obstacles they have faced.

      • dee thank you for your very kind words it means a lot to us that people believe in the work we do here it can be very long hours and exceptionally stress full for all our volunteers and staff, when I started out it was just me my hobby and a few stray cats , its expanded now to most species and I need four staff volunteers per day seven days a week to do the feeding cleaning and on top of that we have a fundraising team that try and stay on top of the large bills etc, we are in the north east of England, for years now its been known as the animal cruelty capital of the uk so you can imagine the amount of calls we get people asking for help and we just cant take everything our government needs to stop thinking about licences for rescues and licence the people with pets and enforce neutering most rescues here are at breaking point

        • Yes we really do need a compulsory neutering law for pet cats and dogs.
          Irresponsible people who let them breed make your work even more difficult.

    • a couple of the regulars we give names to, these are not ours but ones that just pop in for a sneaky feed. we have tabby, name is self explanatory! as is white cat (how original!) and we also have a semi long haired all black who we call fluffy knickers. none of these will come close but will go and grab some food when they think no-one is looking.

  11. I can only echo kevins words. no animal in any rescue/shelter or where ever should go hungry. lets all make sure that this Christmas (and throughout the year) we all do our bit to make sure as many animals as possible have food, shelter and safety. if everyone does one thing to help a needy animal just think of the suffering we could put an end to between us all. it can only make the world a better place. thank you ruth once again for one of your great posters.

    • Shared this on facebook hoping Kays Hill get lots of boxes of food for animals for Christmas, you deserve all the help you can get.

        • Yes we know we are appreciated, every single one of your supporters knows that, to get a thank you makes people want to give more. Some Rescues take it for granted that people should help, Kays Hill never do that 🙂

          • in this life no one wants to feel unappreciated which is why we at kays hill try to thank everyone for what ever they do for us here we try and engage with other rescues ,shelters and organisations only tonight at nine o clock Leanne and myself went out to our local scout, cubs and beaver group to engage them with the work we are trying to do in our community and they have agreed to come on site on a monthly basis to help the young folk get their badges ie animal husbandry, conservation, gardening, amongst others this in turn helps kays hill educate and support our local community so id like people to see we do everything in our power to give back and repay the support we get here

  12. can we say thank you to Ruth, she is a true ambassador for our rescue cats, for such a vibrant poster once again , winter time is always a difficult time for any cattery not just kays hill your heating bills double as every cat and kitten needs to be kept warm , day light hours are shorter so we burn lights longer, we try and give each animal a little extra to build up body fat to keep it comfortable, so food is used up at an enormous rate, and as I say kays hill is grateful for any extra help but im sure your local shelter will too as we must all think of the greater picture and stop any homeless cat going hungry not just at Christmas but all year too thank you

    • You can count on me near the end of this month, Kevin.
      How can anyone not donate a few cans to such a wonderful cause? Nobody has a lot of real $$; but, together, we can make sure animals, especially cats, are fed, safe, and warm.
      What are your accomodations for the ferals, Kevin? I’m sure you know that they are my passion.
      I so admire your positive attitude through all of the perils you have had to endure.

      • Dee you are an Earth Angel, if everyone was as kind and compassionate as you, this world would be a much better place. I am proud to be your long distance friend x

      • hi dee. we have a feral unit for the cats to come and go as they please, this consists of a large shed, furnished with beds etc also a holding pen for any newcomers to be integrated into our feral colony. we currently have 15 of our own ferals that come to be fed a number of times a day plus quite a number of others that come from local farms etc to grab themselves a free dinner! our own ferals are very trusting with us and often allow us to pet and fuss them although they can be shy of strangers, but when it comes to catching them for any reason……that is when it gets ‘interesting’ lol

        • Beautiful, Leanne.
          I am so impressed.
          Ferals can suffer so. Does the shed have any heating? Or, do you need help with providing?
          It’s OK to be perfectly honest with me.
          I worry about our even low temps in sunny Florida, so I can’t help but worry abou the frigid temps where you are. Can’t even imagine.

        • Cat beds will freeze unless it is a heated shed. The same with blankets and sheeting.
          Do you have access to some bundles of straw that can be strewn about? Much, much warmer for them to bury themselves in. No hay as it attracts bugs.

          • to be honest dee, when it gets cold all the ferals head for the cattery building where we have an esse range which heats the radiators in the cat pens and also throws out a lot of heat, we put pots of water onto the hob on the top to heat up for washing dishes etc so it gets really warm in that area. on any cold day you will find many people, ferals and sheba the dog in there enjoying a warm, so although the feral unit itself does not have heating installed, the cats don’t get too cold. I have just come out of that building and the cats are all curled up in there, the fire is stoked up and its nice and warm.

            • Beautiful.
              When you say that people will be found in the cattery building, you’re talking about yourselves and volunteers?
              Surely, you’re not taking in stray people. I would be so amused, because I have a sister that does that.

              • Lol I remember you telling us about your stray people Dee!
                The way things are going here up North homeless people will be queuing up to get into Kays Hill, we’ll be raising funds to build a peoplery next 😉 I can imagine Leanne ministering to them all, she’s just another Earth angel like you!

              • Sorry, but I am behind in my emails.
                So, no stray people so far. LOL!
                I can see it, you guys. You are so tender hearted.
                Should you ever encounter a man named Herb (perhaps a grandson of someone my sister loved), please take him in. You won’t regret it.

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