Please be responsible and pop your dog’s poop in the POO TIN


Note: ‘tin’ is short for ‘tin can’ in old English usage. Are you like me? Completely disgusted, dismayed, disenchanted, shocked and fed up with the behaviour of Vladimir POO TIN? Do you always carefully collect your dog’s poo and place it in the POO TIN? All responsible dog owners should and all responsible dog owners should take the piss out of Vladimir Putin who has decided to mercilessly destroy Ukraine and its people by bombarding them indiscriminately or directing their bombardment at maternity hospitals where pregnant women are injured and where one recently died with her unborn baby. Putin is scared of Ukraine’s democracy on Russia’s border because it undermines his dictatorship. It is why he calls people who want democracy, Nazis. What he means is that Ukrainians won’t accept his dictatorship. And he wants the old USSR back plus an instant injection of 44 million people to swell a shrinking Russian population.

The POO TIN - a receptacle for dog poo
The POO TIN – a receptacle for dog poo. Photo:
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Note: I am not criticising the Russian people. Far from it. In general, they are innocent victims too. It is Putin and his oligarch cronies, the Kremlin crowd, who are the hated criminals.

That is why I feel entirely justified in taking the piss out of this disgusting individual who happens to be the president of Russia. He also happens to be a person who is obsessed with annexing Ukraine and calling it Russia. He is a person who is obsessed with increasing the population of Russia in an instant because it is falling year on year. Yes, the population of Russia is falling year on year because people don’t want to live there anymore. They stopped procreating because they’ve decided it’s a country not worth living in especially while President Putin is the dictator of that country.

A president who senselessly destroys innocent people, innocent animals, and the infrastructure of Ukraine. Europe is in shock. We can hardly believe it. It looks like genocide with a school being hit in Mariupol and civilians abducted and marched to camps and forced to go to Russia for PR. A maternity hospital was shelled killing a pregnant mother and her unborn child. And the Ukraine defense minister saying that 110 hospitals have been shelled. And Ukraine has accussed Putin of abducting 2,500 children and taken them to Russia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger explains the situation better than I can. A brilliant video which carries weight.

People should do more than simply take the piss out of this psychopath. They should do something far more serious and remove him. Apparently, it is unacceptable to suggest that the leader of a nation should be assassinated. I’m not going to suggest it as a result. But this must be in the minds of millions of people because only one person is responsible for this chaos, this death and destruction, this massive damage to the world economy. Ukraine is Europe’s bread basket. Wheat is a major export from Ukraine. Now no wheat. No sunflower oil. Prices have risen. This puts pressure on poorer Europeans.

I don’t know who created POO TIN stickers but I think that it is a good idea. Several bins in the grassland and woodland area called Bugs Bottom ? which is near Reading, Berkshire, UK have received stickers as you can see in the photograph.

The unnamed person who did this isn’t the first because Vladimir Putin’s name lends itself, under the circumstances, to this Mickey-take. People want to insult Putin and rightly so.

Putin claims fake news is genuine news and genuine news is fake news. I think he believes his lies.

The callousness of the Russian generals is astonishing (Sky News). They are expendable young consripts. A Russian newspaper disclosed that almost 10,000 Russian soldiers have been killed with four times as many injured. The newspaper claimed that they’d been hacked. I expect that newspaper will be forced to close like many before.

A Ukrainian Army captain, called Danylo Ishchenko claimed the Russians have refused to repatriate the bodies of Russian soldiers.

“Our commanders told (the) Russians, that you should take back these bodies, and they (said) they don’t need it.”

Postscript: The Times reports today that the reason why President Putin talks about Nazis in Ukraine because she’s talking about the 42-year-old founder of the Azov Battalion, Andriy Biletsky. In 2010 this man said that it was his country’s mission to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade against…inferior races”. That battalion has now become a Ukrainian regiment but I think Putin has latched onto that individual and extrapolated it to include the citizens of Ukraine.

Unneutered, jowly, ginger tabby-and-white stray domestic cat befriends a Ukrainian soldier and he is happy.

Picture of jowly unneutered ginger tabby-and-white male cat with Ukraine soldier declares “Glory to our Defenders”.

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Three of the four lions being relocated from a zoo in East Ukraine during the war to Yorkshire in England for their safety and health and welfare.

Family of lions traumatized in East Ukraine by the war to be relocated to Britain

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Cats are bringing Ukraine's victory closer

Cats are bringing Ukraine’s victory closer!

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